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  1. This would be a huge mistake unless you are targetting a 2nd round player.
  2. Dude, you should still watch them play before you make your arguments. Youtube highlights from a preseason game will show you very little about the actual situation. TJ is a cutter yes, but he is also a pick n roll player, and a guy that needs screens to move for the cut. Turner and Sabonis are screening for Brogdon only. TJ is ignored completely, he is being used exactly as a 3&D guy like hes Trevor Ariza.
  3. I dont think you are watching how the Pacers play. He is isolated in the offense. TJ is just standing in the corner waiting to get an open shot so he can spread the floor for Sabonis and Turner. He doesnt have the ball in his hands, everything goes through Brogdon.
  4. 😂 Bamba & Isaac are barely bench players in the NBA. Vucevic on the other side is almost an all-star calibre center that has more IQ than bamba&isaac combined.
  5. This is exactly the way i picked. Pairing KAT and Vuc/Ayton probably the best starting core in 9cat. If you pick little/little from the start, you will never win FG% and REB with middle round bigs. In the 3rd and 4th round there are still guards left like DLo, Conley, CP3(probably) Rubio, etc. that can completely get you assists/steals/3s, so all this talk about "guards/pg's are going early this year" seems kinda funny to me.
  6. This is a grest team. JJJ for your CP3 - dont do it. You can get more for CP3
  7. I would not do this. Conley is a beast in 9cat a potential top 20 player. JJJ is far from that, and you are already covered with stocks. Keep Conley.
  8. Nance got dropped. I own Dipo and Barton as droppable players. Shoud i burn #8 waiver?
  9. Your third pick messed things up. You should have taken Vucevic or Ayton there.