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  1. Great foundation for a punt blocks build. You might struggle with 3s but see you being pretty competitive else where. Love the start of Kat, jimmy and Booker.
  2. 12 Team 8 Cat H2H (ESPN) We can keep 3 players every year at the previous years ADP. I am set with Jokic and Irving for 2 of mine. I had Turner on my squad last year and can keep him as an 8th rounder (thanks ESPN) or am considering trading a draft pick for JJJ and can keep him as an 11th round pick. I know it depends on what I would have to give up for JJJ (looking like an 8th round pick) but just curious what others would do. Love the blocks that Turner brings to solidify that category but the upside of JJJ in a keeper style system has me thinking. Leave your link and will help where I can.
  3. In 8 cat I would go Harden or Curry honestly. LIke the above poster said ignoring turnovers puts some of the first round guards over the top.
  4. I honestly really like Powell as a late round pick this year. He played really well down the stretch last year. I am very intrigued by Winslow and what he can do this year, but he is more of a wait and see for me.
  5. I agree with pretty much all the above, PG13 will be a first round player this year and I agree that Mitch Rob is the shiny new toy that is over hyped.
  6. 3-1 is tough in a 12 teamer, but if you can play the wire right I love you getting LIllard for those 3.
  7. I agree with the above comments, Booker and SGA all day. SGA could jump into top 50 territory this year and Booker and Trae I think will end up pretty close.
  8. I would run to hit the accept button on this one as well. In an 8 teamer league I think its usually advantage if you are getting the best player in a deal and AD is hands down here.
  9. I would be between Murray and Favors. I think Favors is in a very favor(see what I did there)able position this year and will kill that draft position. Murray is fun and exciting just harder to know what to expect from him. I love Levert but some of the other values are better.
  10. I am a big fan of Lillard and Embiid pairing with a punt FG% build. That is to say if you are ok taking the risk with Emiid's load management.
  11. I always go with the side of higher upside when it comes to keepers. Bagley should do well in the rebounding categories and really showed out to end the season. Murray is a little too popcorn staty for my taste, so I would say Bagley with LMA being a close second.