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  1. Starting with NO confidence. We got real lucky with that TD last week.
  2. The way this is playing out i think he was right. The dude came out and said TY to IR before anyone had got word of any injury at all. That spooked me enough to trade him for whatever i could get, which was Landry. I think the fact that they're still in the playoff Hunt and there maybe a remote chance he comes back is the only reason he hasn't gone on IR. Remember the last time a colt player had a calf injury? That didn't end too well. Word is that their medical staff is terrible.
  3. RB2 might be a stretch. This offense looks terrible. Maybe a flex.
  4. I'd go with Eckler, Rojo and Deebo.
  5. .5 PPR, 6PT QB Tds Kyle Allen or Winston? Landry or Kirk?
  6. The game vs the 49ers was on National TV and that didn't work out too well.
  7. How in the world is Kirk available? Did nobody in your league think it would have been a good idea to pick him up last week against the Tampa pass defense lol.
  8. I've got a cool story. I only play in one league, a highly competitive, half point PPR Yahoo league with my High School buddies. I started 0-3 thanks to my terrible draft but have won the last 7 and now in first place. Through what seems like a million trades and wire pickups, i somehow turned Rodgers, Adams, Beckham, Diggs, D. Williams and OJ Howard into Wilson, Golladay, Hilton, Landry, Metcalf, Fournette and Henry.
  9. You could probably get Landry much cheaper since people are still holding on the notion that Odell is a WR1. Landry will probably put up better numbers too because he seems to be more in sync with Mayfield and getting higher quality targets.
  10. I don't think you'd be able to get whoever has the Pitt defense to give them up for Juju.
  11. I think there's a decent chance he can get it. Wilson is one of the few QBs that plays better the better the opposing Defense is. Seattle's defense is pretty crappy now so they'll need Wilson to counter when SF scores. I think he gets a decent amount of rushing yards this game, with rushing score + 2TDs through the air.
  12. The default Yahoo setting is for all players to go on waivers at the start of the 1PM games on sundays. There are changes the commish can make to keep players FA until their respective games starts but i'm not sure how your opponent would feel about that if the rest of the league has been playing by these rules the entire year.
  13. At this point in the season, i think it'll be hard to find someone willing to part with any of their top players to roll the dice on Barkley and give you anything significant. Maybe a lower end RB2 and Lower end WR2. Something like Coleman and Diggs.
  14. I've got the W locked up but need as many points as possible for the inevitable tie breaker for playoff seeding. Big games from Wilson and Coleman would be appreciated