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  1. Great trade for you OP. I'd celebrate big time if I could move JuJu for Chark.
  2. I don't think you have the WRs to be giving up Allen (Hollywood Brown definitely isn't enough in return). I'm adamant that Allen will pick it up again. Intriguing to be getting Carson but I'd stand pat here.
  3. Hurts to say (☹️) but yeah, drop Flash for Singletary. Especially in standard.
  4. Hope the Lions come out with a vengeance ROS just because of how pathetic this game was
  5. It's pretty even honestly but go for it. Biggest difference here is that Lockett is in a better situation overall compared to Evans. I like Murray but I'd still take Watson over him (though not by much)
  6. Title says all, team is in sig. bout to turn 1-5 and basically playing for pride at this point. Feel like Keenan Allen will eventually turn it around but JuJu as my WR2 has been a pain in the butt. Particularly looking to see if I could package JuJu with someone else and maybe get a WR2 with WR1 upside, or perhaps any buy low candidates. I'm thinking someone along the lines of AJ Green? Link your posts so I can return the favor, thanks!
  7. I mean, you're right, but it's not like it will win me the week as my rb2 fill-in, so I won't be as thrilled as others may be. Despite that, it was still a solid performance so I won't sit here and bash the guy.
  8. Expectations were so low because he's on the Dolphins that I'm actually happy with 10 half ppr points (yeah things were that bad for me this week)
  9. I have mad respect for Charger fans that have had to put up with this pathetic organization for so long.
  10. Watching Famous Jameis toss 5 picks was a great way to start my morning...