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  1. Bump hoping for a breakout stretch can he even give us a breakout game
  2. 4th and 1 and they put Chubb on the sideline . Pathetic
  3. Pathetic . Allen Robinson is the only one with value in this offense .
  4. Death Taxes Will Fuller hurt
  5. With the way the offense is I’m surprised he’s done what he’s done . the lack of tds is frustrating
  6. It was bad enough that they added Mccoy but he absolutely couldn’t afford to get injured after that signing . Unfortunately he got hurt and when he came back he looked average at best .
  7. I have Mahomes in a league but I won’t bash Andy Reid . If you blame Reid for calling a QB sneak with Mahomes then you must have wanted Mahomes to sit out until his ankle was fully healed .
  8. Yeah at this point you can’t comfortably start Williams or McCoy unless you just have to because of a bye week etc .
  9. I should have traded him last week Edit : Just realized this isn’t the Odell thread
  10. I’m a Falcons fans and Ito Smith has looked better the last two years . I traded Freeman for Fournette a few weeks ago . I was shocked I was offered it .
  11. On a fantasy team I’m never going to consider the matchup if an elite WR. Im only taking that into consideration for DFS leagues.
  12. I have received offers but I’m too scared to trade him . I figure he will drop 30 the game after i trade him.