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  1. Hello, we have two openings in a 20-year dynasty league and are looking for owners with significant experience in deep dynasties, and extensive prospect experience (minor leaguers, HS and college players, IFAs). This is a no-fee league! Rosters are maintained on Fantrax, supplemental docs are located on Google Docs. Only 10 teams in the league, but rosters are deep (40 MLB + 75 MiLB in-season; MLB roster expands to 65 in off-season). We hold two amateur talent drafts - one around the ASB, the other around New Years Day. Scoring is a customized 9x9 ranking system with a mix of traditional and newer stats. The two available teams have a ton of talent on them - one was a playoff team this season (incl. Trout, Acuna, Arenado, Buehler), and the other is up-and-coming (incl. Bellinger, Chapman, Mondesi, Gallo). If interested, email me (Dan) at dbreer23 at gmail. Thanks!