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  1. Wow they're going for broke and the OLine is the problem. 2 1st rounders and a 4th. They should have went for Williams for cheaper.
  2. Weekly - 350.6 yards and 2.3 TDs. I'll take that regression all year long and keep trying to trade for him.
  3. I agree the defense is bad, like really bad, but Mahomes is still on the field plenty. The offensice line is another issue all together. So far KC has had the ball 30 more minutes this year than last year and in their 2 losses they won the time of possession with 37 and 39 minutes respectively. So I'm fine with a bad defense, the offense just needs to complete their drives.
  4. Seriously everyone complains about the littlest bump in the road. Last year through 4 games- 1865 yards, 18 TDs, 4 INTs. This year through 6 games - 2104 yards, 14 TDs, 1 INT. Nearly identical fantasy scoring. He's still the same guy you spent a high pick on. (And yes I know I didn't include his 2 rushing TDs from last year but I'm worried about his passing. The rushing TDs are hit and miss.)
  5. I hate when you can't trust anything. Earlier this week McVay supposedly said "it caught us all off guard" and now he's saying that Gurley immediately reported when it happened Thursday. So is McVay drastically changing the story here or are people reporting whatever they want and quoting McVay as having said it?
  6. Or McVay is just setting the stage for his excuse when he's asked why he had Goff throw 80 times on Sunday.