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  1. What you guys expect from Bagley once he‘s back? 15 and 10 with a few defensive stats and great FG%? or better? Is he even starting with Holmes playing great? (Pairing of him and Holmes won‘t work I guess)
  2. I know his minutes will be limited at the beginning, but I think he could be useful right from the start and could ball out later in the season...
  3. What do you guys expect from Dipo once he‘s back? Something like 17ppts 4ass 4rebs 2stls and 2 3pts on 42% from the field and 73% from the line? Do you think he‘ll improve next to Brogdon playing more Off-ball?
  4. He had the tag since yesterday, at least in my league
  5. Doubtful to play again tonight.... I‘m getting really worried
  6. Downgraded to questionable I just want this guy to be healthy and ball out, hope his knee injury is not a bigger problem than initially thought...
  7. Another great performance (18Pts 13Rbs 1blk) but still only 23 minutes of action.... if he only played 30 minutes per game^^
  8. I think he‘s still going to have value even with winslow around...minutes will be there I think (around 27mpg) probably around 14pts with 4-5assists and 2 3Pointers per game
  9. I‘ sticking with him, still hope he comes back to 15ppg and 10rpg or even better
  10. Thats what I think, he's not an immediate pick-up at this moment, not sure if I'm going to jump off the Holmes train for him
  11. Should I drop him for Steven Adams? Someone in my 12 Team League (H2H) just dropped Adams
  12. Is there a chance he'll remain in the starting lineup and get 28-30 mpg even when Bagley returns?? (I own both)
  13. Is Mike Pouncey on IR really that big of a los for MGIII?? (i'm new to football^^)