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  1. LeBron needs the PG position. They gave it to Cam Reddish. Even Hachimura and Robert Williams only have PF. Yahoo is pretty bad with their positioning. Many wings and big men who should have them are missing a second position. Do Lakers list Avery Bradley as the starting PG?
  2. If you have Isaac, I recommend you don’t drop him. Watching him play, he could easily make an all defensive team this year. In the end talent and ability prevail, no way will Isaac be taking a back seat to Fournier or other role players on the offensive end as the season goes on. He’ll be in line for MIP player as well. This is going to be a break out year for Isaac.
  3. Delon isn’t a great 3 point shooter, but he’s the best perimeter defender on the team. Carlisle will play him when it matters most as the season goes on. Delon is a triple double threat if he can get the minutes. I have him in my 14 team, he’s been racking up steals. 4-6 assists isn’t bad for a low end roster guard.
  4. Cam Reddish will probably get more time. I don’t expect him to shoot well from the field this year, but he can be decent in Rebounds, assists and steals from the guard/forward spot. Plus he has 3 positions on yahoo leagues.
  5. That’s a blind stat by Howard. He was the one on when AD went on his monster FT run. That was all AD there.
  6. I honestly think AD, Howard or both will be dealing with injury at some point this season.
  7. I would pass unless you’re in a deep league. Don’t really see his path to minutes. Pelicans rotation is pretty random and all over the place. Hayes will have some great games but there will be nights where he’ll probably be ineffective and outmuscled.
  8. Will LeBron ever get the PG position on Yahoo? Kinda ridiculous that Cam Reddish has 3 positions Including PG but LeBron doesn’t have PG. Pretty obvious to see he’s playing that position most of the game. Simmons has it, makes no sense for LeBron not to.
  9. Depends if you need a better 3 point shooter go with Wood. I watched both games and Holmes was more impressive with his energy. Wood hit a few step back 3 that I can’t see him making regularly. Holmes has a clearer path to more minutes in my opinion, even though Walton doesn’t like big men. Holmes is the only big on his team That isn’t injured and is actually playing well. Walton should be starting him next game, but it’s Walton so who knows what he’ll do with his terrible rotations. You should watch highlights and see how they played with your own eyes. I find that helps when deciding, instead of just going by stats on the box score. That way you see who the good players are
  10. Some are but many aren’t even the block attempts, if you watch the games. He sets a lot of lazy screens and gets loose ball fouls. He needs to slow down a bit and let the game come to him, instead of forcing things. Kinda hard though when RJ Barrett is hogging the ball all game. He ignored him on the open pass pretty much every pick and roll last game.
  11. I’m thinking of dropping him for Wood too, just dropped Poeltl for Holmes after his last game.
  12. Worth keeping? Yahoo has been bad with the INJ tag. Feel bad for the people who drafted Ayton. They don’t even get one for his case.
  13. Pop has the worst line ups in the NBA. Poeltl only 12 minutes. Derrick White looking weird out there. He dribbles The ball so high and narrow. He needs to increase his motor. Defensive stats have been almost non existent.