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  1. Picked him up today. What a beast so far.
  2. I believe that is way too much for Hield.
  3. True easily, especially if punting fg%
  4. I'd do this. Beal is better than Kemba and Herro is just a filler.
  5. 12 team h2h 9 cat So, I drafted Steph, Ayton, Collins, OPJ, and Bagley. I dropped Collins once I heard he got suspended the next day as I was 10th place after 2 weeks. I traded Steph, Ayton and Bagley for Beal and FVV the day after I dropped Collins. Was really desperate to do something. Now my team consists of. Guards: Teague, McCollum, Fvv, Beal, Dunn, Ross Forwards: J Brown, Thad Young, RHJ, Ingles, Bjelica Centres: Kaminsky, Sabonis IL: OPJ Who can I go for to try and strengthen my team? Please help cuz I'd like to try and sell high on guys like CJ and FVV
  6. H2h 9 cat Just traded curry, ayton and bagley for beal and fvv. I was desperate.
  7. I kid you not. I have Steph, Ayton, Collins, Bagley
  8. Wow this is terrible, half of my team is now out/injured