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  1. Hahahaha... Even Yahoo Fantasy is frustrated about AJ Green per their latest update.
  2. Fair. One could argue he was ineffective with opportunities, but I think that wouldn’t capture the primary issue. Play-calling isn’t supportive of Montgomery and who he is.
  3. I want timely running plays (other than garbage time) and a few receptions (screens) as you have mentioned. I don’t know if you watched the game, but as everyone is saying: we can all clearly see Nagy slowly returning to his Nagy ways.
  4. Was hoping he would be my guy until Cam came back. We’re ALL hoping he has a few more of those performances similar to the one against the Rams in him. Im riding him out to the end, fellas 👌🏾
  5. There are videos on YouTube of it. Also, it’s a pretty popular plot tool in sitcoms that have a “basketball” episode 🤣 Back to Montgomery, I hate that I have to load him up as my RB2 this week due to Henry being on bye. Unpredictable usage is too much for me. I thought that game when the fans booed the hell out of team, Nagy would shape up. It appears I underestimated him.
  6. They say the NFL is a “copy-cat league.” Not when it comes to Nagy. Let me be very clear: Montgomery is certainly no Dalvin Cook. But CHI could very well use him similarly to how they use Cook. I’m lost on this.
  7. Said the same thing. The hate is unfounded. Same attitude I have. #benchjail
  8. Gonna hold on to him. Not in dire need of a roster spot. But the relationship between him and the organization appears to be getting worse. More and more likely that he won’t suit up this season.
  9. Man. What a letdown. I wish I knew what was really going on.
  10. It shouldn’t even be a question. Henry should be on the “Dalvin Cook workload.” He’s so damn good, he’s been able to produce with limited touches right now. i don’t get it.
  11. Maddening. Will hold, but guess I’ll have to look to drop.
  12. Guys, this is easy. Particularly, in 10-man or 12-man leagues. You have him? You play him. The End.
  13. If they can continue to give him the ball like they did here, I’ll be content. I just don’t know what’s going on in the head of the coach.