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  1. U really want to take a chance with Monty being questionable and that coach they have there? I mean its already hard to decipher what they will do when he’s healthy, now you want to try and figure out what they will do when he’s questionable? The dude is a bust this year and i also fell victim to picking him up as well but I’m over it. He’s on my bench for sure this week.
  2. Coleman is going off this week, thank me later.
  3. I know they look strong, would u start them through the next 3 red weeks? I have Raiders starting over them this week? Was just going to save them for playoffs.
  4. Wow, I didn't know all of this and yes it was only the commissioner not the 3 people, u know we even have a whats app chat with all the players and he didn't even ask anyone about it in there.
  5. Thanks I thought I right by feeling that way and not thinking it wasn't an issue. Now its makes me not play in this league anymore.
  6. I have both Rams and Pittsburgh def, what do i do with the Rams? Just drop them or try to hold them? Pitt is green rest of year and rams no green at all left.
  7. I have a question that came up in one of my other leagues that I never seen a commissioner do before, not to mention some questionable stuff along the way in this league. In Yahoo on Saturday the trade deadline for the whole year was set to "November 9th deadline" then all of a sudden on Sunday it was changed to "November 16th" without telling anyone or voting on it. This league has a 3 person committee to make sure the trade that go through are fair and not lopsided. It should be also noted that the commissioner right before deadline wanted to make a lopsided trade right before deadline that was vetoed. Does a commissioner have this type of power even though its our money in the pot? I'm actually not to happy this was going on.
  8. U should add in Thomas and someone else for those guys, Wilson is the #1 qb.
  9. Hilton wont do much for you with his injury, its like 4 weeks and then however long to get going thats not much left for fantasy.
  10. U want to know how valuable McCaffery is? Some dude im my league tried to offer me 3 people for him, I laughed and said the only way you get McCafferey on your team this year is if you put in Kamara and Thomas into this trade.
  11. So your saying 6 games in a row off track is enough? I wonder if u even though he would do this for 6 games in a row?
  12. Thanks, i do think it was strange that i had the 11th waiver and ballage somehow made it to me.
  13. I have McCaffery, Coleman, White, Howard, Murray, Drake, Ballage, and Bonnafin. I wondering with all the backs I have would I even start Bonnafin is something ever happened? I just could use the extra slot to build an extra wr?