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  1. And the correct answer was C= Darrell Williams duh.
  2. And Shady with possible concussion. Unbelievable.
  3. Their coaching staff does not get enough credit. It makes me wonder about if RG3 would have went somewhere else other than Washington. I think Lamar makes better decisions and had different expectations coming out but it still emphasizes your point.
  4. I think the difference is the expectation level for Murray got a bit out of hand. Cook hasn't been hurt and Mattison has a decent role with him healthy. TD dependent but decent nonetheless.
  5. I dont see why you wouldnt hold if you have IR. Too much talent to drop.
  6. In the year 1445, Hampton Ashcroft was a local blacksmith and nudist in Ireland. There was outrage about this practice which led to a heated town hall debate. The results of it led to emergency enacted legislation decreeing any blacksmith work performed in the nude would lead to fines and possible incarceration. To protest, Hampton wore two thick pieces of wild boar meat around his lower buttocks woven together with a thinly cut pig intestine as clothing. The name kind of caught on from there. Either that or I'm not sure.
  7. Cordarrelle Patterson hot waiver pickup after 29 carry 206 yds 2 tds 5 rec 45 yds. This thread explodes to 200 pages by next Wednesday
  8. Yeah I could have left that spot open and scored more last week.
  9. That 49ers team he played for was awful. The entire team either abruptly retired, traded, was cut or just sucked. That was a residual tank job with management's effort to sabotage Harbaugh. I cant remember who his wrs were but they probably aren't in the league anymore.
  10. Ribs stuff? Were they dry or wet🤔 That would have me in the locker room too if it were a full rack.
  11. Are we just bored? I've seen people outraged about Lamar and now Zeke is a bust. We're even gonna take All Pro Austin Ekelor over him. Impressive.
  12. Why are people so bothered by him? This is hilarious.