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  1. How is fox injury prone? He missed a massive 10 outta 164 games his first 2 seasons and played 36 games in college. I saw someone else say this, cant remember if it was you so felt the need to jump in so you/others stop spreading misleading information.
  2. We've had to kick someone out of our espn league, unfortunately after the draft. Its a 10 teamer thats pretty competitive. Love to talk trash so if you dont enjoy reading it (u definitely dont have to part take in it) its probably not for you. If I'm being honest its competitive like I said but I would assume whoever joined would finish around the top 5 or better because if your on this forum you already research more than most in our league. But everyones committed and active so if you cant be for the whole season please dont join. The team is: Lillard T harris Porzingis Brogdon Griffin Capela Cp3 M robinson Joe harris Ourbe Prince Eric gordon Bogdanivic from sac We're all aussies. Not that you have to be but it would probably be better. We've been doing this for 5 years its a good league. Please competitive and committed people only. Let me know if you're interested or want to know more and I'll give you the link.