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  1. \ This is probably the most annoying part of it, who the hell does Jimmy G think he is twinkle toes in the pocket and just focused in downfield over throwing guys etc... Throwing a dump off is beneath him apparently. Coleman got all of his catches on that last drive that got them the FG to send it into OT. Jimmy G lost the game, secondary that WR corps with hands of stone. I understand the box was totally stacked ... play book still should've been dumbed down not totally opened up. Their defense is so dominant you're better off running into a wall on first and second down for 2 yards not beating yourself.. I'm fine with the 9 rushes but you'd like to see a few dump offs through the first three quarters to keep his floor up.
  2. Exactly he's still getting 20 touches behind a dominant O-line and has put up 4 pedestrian performances in a row... Ugh, is a 30 yard TD one game too much to ask for.. we were all lauding his patience etc but from the last few games he's like twinkle toes behind the line and then goes down instantly after 2-4 yards. He's tough you bench him and hell end up with that 25 touch 2 TD game but in the mean time its 7-10 PT PPR.. 3.6 YPC over the last 4 games is pretty terrible considering Miami was in there.
  3. Kinda hate owning this dude now, excessively patient needs to hit the hole harder, 3 TD's through 9 games is not much fun with 0 pass game involvement makes playing him not very enjoyable.
  4. Would be fitting if Seattle misses a FG now and this game ends in a TIE! Plot twist! Just sayin but would be fitting 😂
  5. Terrible spot probably a first down but won't be changed.
  6. Unreal Coleman got them to OT with his catches the last drive.
  7. Maybe Jimmy G should've dumped it off to Coleman more often throughout the game just sayin...
  8. The homeless man has a chance to send it into OT according to Booger.
  9. Would've loved to see a blocked FG for a TD, just for pure amusement.
  10. The best action in this game has been the fumbles, I need another one.