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  1. Drop City in my 8 team league. I can't stand this MF anymore
  2. So basically most of you are complaining for a guy who is doing 25.4 pts and almost 6 ast with 54% FG, 2.5 treys and over 93% at FT? He is dropping the ast rate (the most puntable category maybe) for a huge improvement in efficiency and he still has to miss a game and looks like he can all but improve this season. Booker's efficiency places him in the same tier as Trae Young, Mitchell and Butler, I don't understand why people keep making complaints about him like they're just waiting for a "bad" game (like shooting 50% for 18-5-6 could be "bad")
  3. Someone dropped him in my League and I picked him altough I have him in another league. Doubling down is the way
  4. Good teammates like the whole 2nd unit who was murdered by Layman, Bazz Napier and Vonleh? C'mon dude
  5. Great start, not like last year's tipoff when he looked like dogsh*t against Philly. God or whatever there is, please let Uncle Drew play at least 70 games this season
  6. Very good tbh, most of them were midrange shots after a dribble. The guy can ball, and if he keeps playing like this I think he'll soon become the starter .
  7. Always loved Lowry, so maybe I'm a little biased. I was expecting a rough start considering that he was injured before the World Cup, but besides from FG% he put up a very good line and was crucial in some important possessions late in the game. I'm still confident in him finishing top 50 this year once the FG% will rise, he brought me 2 championships in the last 3 years in my auction league and I hope that he will get my third this year
  8. Do you think guys that I could trade him for Thomas Bryant? I have KAT, Porzingis and Turner and other good stocks players (the Bridges, Lord Cov, Smart)
  9. Got him in an 8-team auction 9 cat H2H league, it's basically my fourth big after KAT, Turner and Porzingis. Pretty sure blocks will be mine this year...
  10. Hi guys, 8-teams H2H auction 9-cat league (very low level, I'm italian). We finished in the last hour, I'm happy with my team (KAT-Kyrie-Turner-Hield-Lord Cov-Porz-Conley-Mitchell Robinson-Lowry-Lamb-Miles Bridges-Smart + Oladipo in IL bc we have 2 spots) but I pickedJerami Grant and I'm not convinced. I think I'm OK with bigs and PGs and there is a lot of good players left: the one I'm more interested in is Mikal Bridges. Should I drop Jerami for him? Thanks guys