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  1. Came here to whack off to that 24-19-15-3-1-5 stat line tonight.
  2. This is the most putrid game from him ever, but he's still a stud. He will bounce back.
  3. Your team looks so good, I seriously don't understand how it is struggling. Which categories are you often losing at? My guess is BLK, TO, and FG, but what else?
  4. 9-CAT, 14-Team League My team has way too many guards (Bledsoe, Ball, Graham, Morant, Rubio), so I decided to ship Fultz and Simons for Saric in order to increase my rebounds and 3PTS a little without losing too many assists. I can find similar production to Simons in the wire, but I'm worried about Fultz blowing up now that he became a starter. Did I blow up this trade? I guess the one thing that gives me any solace is that I couldnt afford to hold so many guards long-term. I'm only going to regret it if Fultz becomes the player I think he can become.
  5. Anfernee Simons and Markelle Fultz are both about to blow up. Okafor will blow up the minute anything happens to Derrick Favors. Bruno Caboclo can blow up as soon as Memphis becomes a lottery team. Elfrid Payton has the potential to outplay frankie and become the near triple double threat he was at the end of last season. Diallo could breakout if he stats getting more minutes.
  6. I like this trade. I think Embiid is a late-season liability when the Sixers are comfortably sitting in the playoffs and the load management begins. I got burned last year with Embiid. Lavine seems to have regressed from last year and may or may not become an allstar. I love Bam so that's the only one I would actually not be happy about parting ways with, but hey you do what you gotta do. In return, you get a established superstar that plays every game and will end in the top 5 this season, a PTS/REB monster who will continue getting all he can eat in Indiana, and the king of value in Hordford since you get almost everything from him.
  7. 8 teams make the playoff? lol might as well pick JC if pretty much anybody can make the playoffs and regular season doesn't matter.
  8. I should probably mention that I am punting FT%/3PTS and soft-punting points. I'm not the worst points team in the league as I make up for it by streaming a lot of players, but the points that Randle provides are less valuable to me than the steals and assists I can get from Lonzo. The true sting is the loss of rebounds but I'm hoping to be able to trade one of my guards for a better C or find someone on the wire that can make up for it.
  9. Just traded this guy for Lonzo Ball. I couldn't bare the uncertainty of Fitzdale system and the bust potential, and Lonzo is on the verge of a breakout season.
  10. I just traded this bum for Ricky Rubio. Hoping the league doesn't veto
  11. Ingram is putting KD numbers, Isaac is having a breakout season and is one of the two only players to average more than 1.5 Steals (the other one being drummond himself), and Bam is all-around solid. Drummond on the other hand is on 'contract mode' so he will be beasting it out. Tough to say... I think I still like Drummond more in a points league, but if this was a category league I would probably accept the trade.
  12. I think you won the trade by a landslide. Jokic is awesome, but Brogdon and Isaac are producing top 20 value. Brogdon is seeing a massive increase in assists, which may come down a bit when he stops playing the point, and Isaac is on the verge of a major breakout MIP type of season. I would rather be on your side.
  13. Don't do it... Lavine is my boy but Porzingis is producing top 30 value. Lavine assists are down and he's not being much of a playmaker, he's more of a 3PTS, PTS kinda guy but wont get you that many assists or rebounds. The stats you get from the unicorn are more valuable and difficult to find
  14. Just traded with two separate people: Draymond Green for Ricky Rubio Julius Randle for Lonzo Ball From an statistical standpoint, I might have lost in the trades as I just traded my #3 pick (Green) for someone's #8 (Rubio), and my #5 (Randle) for someone's #7 (Lonzo), and there is a lot of season left to be played. However, I feel like I just traded a potential shut-down candidate or DNP liability for a potential top 50 guard who is crushing in a new system, and a potential bust who plays in Fitzdale's horrible random system for a potential breakout player who can get even better once Zion is back. Did I make the correct choice? My Team Guards: Bledsoe, Bazemore, Diallo, Bruce Brown Jr, Markelle Fultz, Devonte Graham, Ja Morant Wings: Rodney Hood, Will Barton, Giannis Antetokkoumpo Forwards: Draymond Green, Montrezl Harrell, Centers: John 'Druggie' Collins, Julius Randle One problem that I can already foresee is that I might have too many guards now, but bazemore, Diallo and Bruce Brown Jr are not that valuable to me so I can drop them all and pick up a couple of big guys from the wire. 14-man league, 9-categories Thanks!