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  1. Same, I'm just hoping he gets back up to 28+ minutes
  2. 23 min in today's game. Is anyone worried about him getting minutes and returning to his minutes/usage from when he was on the raptors? I'm really high on him but several of my league mates are very skeptical of JV doing well this year.
  3. Did anyone hear anything about when his minutes restriction is going to be lifted? His last 5 games he has played 23, 24, 24, 27 and 22 minutes. Or are there too many young players on this team that a rebuilding Grizzlies will have to give minutes to that this will be his norm going forward?
  4. I've used all my pickups this week, I picked him up after his first game but I'm going to drop him for next week. Had high hopes for him but he has been too inconsistent
  5. Lakers team are all giants, so he gets abused. But he is playing minutes, not a huge amount though. He is in right now in the 4th.
  6. I took him as my 41st pick in one league and traded buddy for him in another before the season started. I'm all in on him!
  7. I'll give him the game tomorrow, if he doesn't perform again then probably time to drop him for a streaming spot or another hot WW pickup like Brooks.
  8. Yeah, Brooks is on my waiver wire. I'm considering making the switch
  9. I'm not a fan of Walton either, but I doubt he is going anywhere this season. Didn't they sign him to a 4 year contract? Also, I believe their front office didn't interview anyone else. They were determined to get Walton so I assume they at least give him a year or two before making any changes.
  10. I have the heat players and could use some forwards, I'm heavy on gaurds. What do you think of these trades? H2H points league
  11. I just dropped him for Troy Brown Jr
  12. Yeah, this is the year of the rookies. I have PJ, Troy, Herro, Nunn and Rui
  13. For those who have successfully dealt him in a trade, what have you been able to get back for him?