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  1. Birch has better lateral movement and is more agile than mamba
  2. Took a shot.. dropped Malik monk . Doesnt hurt that Chicago is playing Miami and charlotte either. Worth a weekend stream this week
  3. Streaming him for the remaining two game this weekend .. 6'7 PG .. hopefully he delivers.
  4. Fournier has already been ballin 😘 in terms of a significant increAse in stat though .... wish mamba could deliver the dude is ....
  5. Tbh I see more of a breakout for Terrance ross
  6. Can't see your signature..but definitely worth a stash. He can produce in a limited capacity. It appears in the player report that DHouse is still having some issues with his injury... you may not need to drop anyone.
  7. Looks like Looney is coming back into the mix soon... MC is so explosive I really wonder why he doesn't have a longer leash with kerr
  8. LOL dude I've have that issue more than 3 times with this guy 😂 he's actually better to watch than most 3 point specialist that pop to the corner.. I'll stash till Winslow comes back .. with Duncan playing lights out I dont expect herro to start any time soon... barring any injuries of course.
  9. everytime I'm ready to drop herro he puts up a decent stat line 🤡
  10. Little deceiving with lillard out.. I'd definitely keep an eye on him- towards latter half of the season.
  11. Anything to get curious- about here? Its the grizzlies, so I'm no-t sure if he's worth the grab? Limited minutes compared to WCS
  12. He definitely has the potential ... dude was such a stud to-wards last season... I really don't get it.. he's left on the WW at the moment