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  1. Battle of the two dumbest starting QBs in the league. Pathetic.
  2. Hopefully Garrett hit this stiff hard to knock some sense into him. I’ll take any method if it results in better QB play from Rudolph. He is a solid gold bum.
  3. Drop the Vikings and roll with Steelers the rest of the way. They are elite. Use that roster spot for a position player
  4. Ehhh, I'm on the fence with this one. The WSH and DAL matchups aren't that great for WRs. Game vs NYG is great. The receivers you have on the bench already can probably give you what you can get from Alshon considering his recent performances. If you arent playing keep away from your league and you're not hoarding WRs, I'd probably stand pat
  5. Thx. Yeah, I'm looking at the corners that Tyrell has to face down the stretch and its tough
  6. Have to drop one of these. I'm strong at WR though, so need best option for rest of season for depth. Thx
  7. He was atrocious. Definitely nothing to see. Downgrade the receivers. Bengals will lean heavily on the run. Kid looked terrible and probably won’t win a game, which will assure the Bengals are getting Joe Burrow
  8. Agreed. Goff is no comparison to Cousins
  9. Yep, the league has definitely caught up with the Rams. Unfortunately for them, Goff doesn't have the skills, smarts, and intangibles to adjust on the fly, so they are stuck
  10. Kapernick wasn't passing the rock as well as Lamar does. Lamar is in a different class