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  1. Good thing they have a bye next week. Wasn't a good sign that after the 3rd drop he didn't play again in the last drive.
  2. What's interesting is Yeldon was used more in 1st and 2nd downs than he was in 3rd downs in those games. In the Cincinnati games was used on 10 1st and or 2nd downs and 1 3rd down. Against New England 5 1st and 2nd downs and 0 3rd downs. Against Tennessee 4 1st and 2nd downs and 2 3rd downs. It will be interesting to see if Devin will have a higher usage rate on 3rd downs. If so that should be his bread and butter.
  3. I guess I should've added that Frank Gore had 62%, 44% and 52% during those games meaning that no other RB took offensive snaps.
  4. Probably the most "coach's speak" I've heard all year but we all know they will look McClaurin for big plays.
  5. For what its worth Yeldon against Cincinnati, New England and Tennessee took 38%, 56%, 48% of offensive snaps.
  6. The YPG doesn’t work at the moment since he’s played 7 games and Ronald Jones has played 5.
  7. The 33rd ranked running back with 66 carries this year McCoy ranks 19th in rushing yards. McCoy has rushed extremely well this year with limited opportunities.
  8. I’m always pissed off as a Chubb owner that the 1-5 team in my league drafted Hunt, hasn’t dropped him and will continue to hold him.
  9. But Boyd only got 3 Receptions for 10 yards. Maybe someone can chime as the why Juju played well and Boyd didn’t?
  10. If your WR core is screwed this week you could do worse.
  11. You have a hard decision. If you exclude the Chiefs game Kerryon is only averaging 2.6 ypc over 61 carries. Even with the Chiefs game he’s only averaging 3.3.