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  1. Thanks, appreciate the input. It's only 1 keeper per team. I mentioned that John Collins is my keeper (giving up 10th round pick) and the other early round keepers that other teams have selected are Trae, Siakim, Fox, Donovan, so these guys are off the board already. Keeping in my that I have John Collins as a keeper, do you think I should start of with a Guard/Guard combo at 12/13? Or perhaps grab Drummond + Jrue/Luka/Simmons? Or any other combinations? Thanks
  2. Hope you guys could lend a hand on this: Appreciate any help.
  3. I have a draft tomorrow in a 12-team, H2H, keeper league. I have the 12th pick (and 13th for that matter) but struggling to decide on who I should target. My keeper is John Collins (giving up 10th rounder). Should I go for a double guard combo since I've secured Collins already as a PF/C? What about Vooch at 13th, is this a reach? Trae, Siakim, Fox, Donovan are also being kept by other teams. Any input would be appreciated, thanks.
  4. IDatDude has a point, that you're in a 10-teamer and there be someone else to fill the void for now.
  5. I would accept that. JJJ will only trend up from previous season, the only thing is having a tendency of getting into foul trouble. Zion is already have knee issues so that's a question mark going forward in terms of his health.
  6. Hang onto Bridges (no Kemba this year, more touches).
  7. If you really need assists and without taking a hit on your other categories sans Siakim, then I'd take the trade.
  8. I think it's between AD and KAT. If you chose Steph, Mitch and JJJ would nullify Steph's high ft%. AD or KAT would compliment Mitch and JJJ with blocks, fg%. I'd personally take KAT in this situation as he's extremely durable.
  9. I'm in on him as well. Great defensive presence, great upside.