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  1. well i joined the league and paid you through your $75 dollar leaguesafe link? its $100 now though? what is this league and you can join through the link you posted before you pay on leaguesafe??
  2. what is going on, i joined your espn league, paid my $75 but it says 2 of 3 people are paid? i thought this was a 12 team league
  3. Just as the title says. I am looking for an ESPN 10 or 12 man league using h2h points scoring. This is my first year playing fantasy basketball but I have been wanting to for years. I have been running a big money fantasy football league for 8 years now and have 2 more paid leagues I play every year so if you let me in I will be a repeat offender each year. If you need another player my cousin might be interested as well. email me @