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  1. on fantrax, 100% payout no adds, trades or transactions, just 15 teams drafting 50 players and doing weekly lineups..NFBC draft champion style
  2. this is what im thinking at the to suggestion and ideas. 12 teams, 30 rounds, 5x5 roto, Redraft, draft order randominzed by fantrax. C 1B, 2b, 3b, ss, of, of, of, UT, 5 SP, 3 P and 13 bench players $20-30 entry fee on fantrax, NO fees taken out, 100% payout no trading, no DL. Weekly roster moves and lineups. one player and only one player from each MLB team at all times. (exception for player getting traded? or maybe not...could be cutthroat where if a player is traded the owner must make decision of only getting to keep one, and having to add a player from vacated team...) Any player added would have to correspond with a player from same MLB team getting cut. To ensure 12 teams adhere to 1 player per MLB team rule, may have to get creative. May have to post adds, and have commish add players. Want to draft later in year to ensure free agents have time to sign. I think I can exclude players from player pool on fantrax to not allow players that sign late to be drafted at all. Maybe a slow draft would work best to make sure and make clear what teams owners still need players from.. again open to ideas and suggestions. post here or email me at if you have interest thank you
  3. Redraft. no keepers or anything. I'd make it $20 or $30 just because I can't stand free leagues, interest wanes too easily. No fees from fantrax, 100% payout. I will attach a preliminary constitution here soon.
  4. one player from each team, and only one. 5x5 roto, 17 player starting roster 13 player bench 1st year trying this, have an outline of constitution, trying to think of everything so they're aren't any kinks would draft early march. email me if you may have interest would be run on fantrax.
  5. I do a $50 league, same exact format as the ones blurred runs. here is link: Ran a handful of leagues like this last couple years, 100% payout Fun times am also in both of blurred $25 leagues. Love me some draft and holds