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  1. When I’m torn, I defer to the NL pitcher. Thus like Flaherty. That said, I feel you’re selling Bell low.
  2. 12-team. H2H. 5x5 (with OPS). Give: Flaherty Get: Mancini Mancini would start at LF (and platoon at RF, as needed, with Santana playing LF). My remaining SP are: Tanaka, Price, Gray, Bieber, Gibson, Keuchel, and a bunch of streamers.
  3. Frankly. He looked better than Darvish. Today was gonna be a tough day — warm and windy in Chicago — but he fared well outside the 4th. This kid’s arrow is still trending up, especially in dynasty leagues.
  4. 12 team. H2H. Standard Scoring. Kiki is a bench bat, providing line up flexibility (2B, SS, LF, CF). My starting 2B is Albies, and my DH is Lindor (we only start 9 hitters, one for each position). Do I cut Kiki for Hiura? He likely won’t start, and I’d lose my platoon player.
  5. I think it has to Brebbia. I like MR, too, but at the expense of someone like Holland. Kennedy would be second choice since I don’t believe he’s the long term answer in KC.
  6. Heyward. He’s so hot right now. And that’s all you need.
  7. 12-team. H2H. Standard Scoring. I fell for the hype and picked up Soler week 1. While he’s a platoon player for me (we start 3 OF), I’m having buyer’s remorse and am considering a change. As a platoon OF (with standard scoring), who would you rather own: Soler, Renfroe, or Greg Polanco?
  8. Kepler. Too much history to suggest Heyward is something other than what he is.
  9. 12-teams. Redraft. H2H. Standard Scoring Drafted Jansen for his power potential. Even with a small sample size, that craptacular lineup in Toronto makes things look bleak. Do I cut bait on Jansen and add Narvaez? Note: My offense week 1 didn’t miss Jansen.
  10. very little risk in dropping Marco. but I’m not sure there’s going to be a big reward.
  11. 12 teams. H2H. Standard scoring. Need a 1B with Abreu out. Tyler Austin Miguel Sano Matt Adams Tyler White Wilmer Flores Eric Thames Albert Pujols Ryan Braun
  12. Unacceptable. It’s KC. And his 3rd stinker in a row. He’s either fried (dead arm?) or hurt (broken arm?).
  13. It’s the injury. It’s a proven production killer. Plus, his teammates (aside from Manny) are one of most, if not the most, uninspiring group of ball players in the majors. Gotta be miserable playing on that team.