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  1. I like Washington or Clarke, not very high on Hart especially ROS
  2. Yea I'd agree I think White is the drop here if you're high on Culver
  3. Not sure about this one if you have IL slots for curry. I'm pretty sure you can find value on a streamer to pair with Vuce to get comparable value to Randle and Cov until Curry comes back.
  4. Really? I thought it was a slightly favorable trade for me especially since I'm lacking blocks, 3s and ft%. Maybe I push for Bledsoe instead of Conley?
  5. 9 cat roto, was offered Myles Turner and Conley for my Jrue. Will look to drop Dwight Howard, full squad below let me know what you guys think. PG - Conley, Lonzo, Nunn SG - Butler, Smart SF - Tobias PF - Turner, PJ Washington C - Vucevic, Zeller
  6. Just traded Capela for Jrue, hopefully that was the right move. Let's ride this one out together boys!
  7. 9 cat roto. Was offered Jrue for Capela, thinking of taking it, roster post trade below: PG - Lonzo, Nunn SG - Jrue, Smart SF - Butler, PJ Washington PF - Tobi, Zeller C - Vucevic, Dwight
  8. Take it and run my as fast as you can
  9. Got Lonzo, Smart, PJ Washington, NAW, and Cody Zeller as my bottom 5 players in a 14 team 9 cat roto. Would you switch any of them with Nunn or Prince? Full team below: PG - Lonzo, Smart SG - Butler, Danny Green, NAW SF - Tobi, PJ PF - Vucevic C - Capela, Zeller
  10. 14 team, 9 cat roto (pts, treb, ast, stl, blk, to, fg%, ft%, 3pm), 7x82 game max Give: Ball + Ross Get: Gallinari My team below. I'm pretty tempted at this as Gallinari should be the best player. I also have the depth at the bigs to weather a 40-50 game season if he goes down. I know I would be pretty thin at PG but guys like IT, DJ Augustin, Tyus Jones, Rose, Rondo are available on waiver along with PJ Washington. Let me know what you guys think. PG - Ball, Smart SG - Butler, Danny Green, Ross, NAW SF - Tobi, Norman Powell PF - Vucevic C - Capela
  11. I think he has top 25 potential, but what really worries me is he could be a top 80 guy on the downside
  12. absolutely - hes going to put up big stats regardless, effectively the 3rd or 4th option on that team
  13. What do you guys think about lonzo vs smart for roto?
  14. Should average 30+min a game and is arguably the 3rd option on the lakers. Expect him to put up some good numbers.