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  1. I picked him up like a week into the season and ESPN hasn't done a write-up since. I wonder if they forgot to assign an editor to him 😟
  2. Defensive specialists are coveted by offensively stacked teams like the Clippers. He's an especially good fit alongside guards like Lou and Shamet who contribute nothing on D. If you watch the games, he brings a contagious energy to every play and harasses his assignments on an elite level. From a fantasy perspective, he's putting up baby-Draymond numbers. Never been a must-roster but a strong h2h streaming option when you're fighting for rebs/assists/stocks
  3. Brutal guy to own during a lost year because there's no way to replace these stats off waivers. To make matters worse, I had Paschall in my hands before Dray's initial injury, dropped him for House after a 6-point dud, then was unable to claim him off waivers once the dust began to settle on GSW's fantasy situation. I'm going to regret this more and more as the season progresses
  4. It's unfortunate how we realign our expectations the moment an unproven player blesses us with an MIP-discussion leap that appears completely stable moving forward. A few of his per-36's are down, but more things are way more up than it was realistic to anticipate. He's not going to hurt your steals or FT by season's end. The only annoying cat will be assists, which he wasn't great at even on a Clips team with fewer playmakers. So we got damn lucky, and given OKC's situation things are only looking up...
  5. Now I'd like to see Jonah Hill play a character named Rodney McGruder
  6. Maybe I'm just biased against old people, but doesn't it seem more likely he logs heavy minutes all season as opposed to Tucker or Gordon? I like to think D'Antoni is looking for a more athletic and permanent fixture at the 3.
  7. I just hyped him up in 3 threads lmao but after this dropped his butt for Danuel House
  8. Yeahhh might do that. Doubt I'll get anything considering the Warriors have received a lot of attention for sucking this much.
  9. I'm not pretending Dray finishes near his ADP. But he just put up a 19-minute half with 6 pts 7 rebs 5 ast 2 triples... that's peak Draymond. He hasn't regressed as an athlete. And the game is close, so decent chance that minutes restriction doesn't rear its head tonight. Won't happen every night, but dude's healthy and likely fueled by a desire to play 4th quarters. Better than owning Steph
  10. There's no question about that. But don't forget that the Warriors are so lacking in production that his per-minute value should remain elite. The question is whether we're looking at 20-minute Dray or 28-minute Dray. He's on pace for 30+ tonight.
  11. Well they left him in, yet I don't feel any less awful about the situation. Best case scenario is that they keep games competitive early and convince Kerr to think twice about benching him.
  12. We're at the 5 minute mark and a timeout. GSW has played well against SAS so far. Whether or not they keep Draymond in is a huge indication of what to expect moving forward...
  13. Yeah that's the problem. Turner might have a poor season, but good luck selling his owner on an unproven rookie.