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  1. That's crazy glad you were able to log in. I sometimes have trouble logging into bovada weird also
  2. Gotcha I deleted 2 of them already I sent you the leaguesafe link also
  3. That's fine the draft is at 9:30 I sent both the invites to your email already
  4. That's fine we are drafting at 9:30 Est tonight If you know anyone else who is interested please let me know
  5. We are drafting tonight thru ESPN Snake live draft $35 leaguesafe let me know of you are interested
  6. I sent you the info did you receive it? Espn league link Leaguesafe link
  7. Lol sorry for bombarding ur thread... still got openings u should join us bro
  8. Leaguesafe link espn link
  9. I made a league same format and style Drafting tonight 10teams $35 leaguesafe let me know if you are interested