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  1. I would assume they’re being super cautious. The fact he came back in to finish the game, and he’s even a limited participant in practice would lead me to believe he’ll be playing Sunday.
  2. Don’t think that’ll happen. I’m expecting a big game. I’m sure Arians would love to run up the score against his former team. With that being said, I’ll meet y’all back here Monday after Jameis implodes 😂
  3. Big bounce back game coming. Did you see what Lockett & DK did to this secondary? 🤤
  4. There was a story during the bye week that he wanted to stay in Cincy. Maybe he missed practice because he was signing his extension 🤞
  5. I like it, but what do I do with my DK 🙁
  6. Let’s get this thing to 100 pages while we wait to find out!!
  7. Colts would be a nice fit now that TY is out for a while.
  8. Let’s hope he gets that far down in the waiver order. That would be ideal.
  9. Problem is, he’s subject to waivers so he cannot pick and choose the best situation for himself.
  10. I scooped him up, because it's worth seeing how the situation shakes out. Sure, he didn't live up to our lofty expectations in NE but he wasn't terrible either.