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  1. If Bagley's return moves Richaun Holmes to the bench i really hope Luke Walton is smart enough to replicate what the clippers are doing with Montrezl Harrell. He comes off the bench feasting on players not good enough to be starter then rolls with the starters come crunch time & plays a majority of the minutes at Center while still coming off the bench, so this could even be a blessing in disguise if that were to ever happen, i haven't lost faith in the fact Richaun can remain a starter though this dude has been balling OUT & the kings would be lost without him.
  2. Video up on the Trailblazers instagram shows him shooting Free throws, wonder when his return will be i would love to pick him up in my Non IR league
  3. The mins were never the problem he cannot score like that offensively he's been inefficient from the jump, he's a great defender so if you need steals and blocks he's a good streamer and could be a potential player to roster (like another kris dunn) for his defensive prowess alone. But its a trade off you get that defense with bad FG%, inefficiency & low scoring totals. Even if the new fill in coach gives him mins he'll still play the same as he did the other games, the problem with the knicks is player development. This guy has been the same player for 3 years now, Kadeem Allen has better nights than him when he plays lmaooo an undrafted dude playing better than a lotto.
  4. Yeah i mean i doubt changing coaches is gonna help us win we flat out suck at this point and it's just embarrassing, we need a whole front office change, we cant seem to find talent & further develop them without having drama between the players & front office aka porzingis, the only talent we have really have is RJ and watch us mess that up sooner rather than later. I just want to see some progress & consistency from these guys smh.
  5. I live in NY so by default i'm a fan homie
  6. Wonder who the new coach will be i'm rooting for the hiring of Mark Jackson
  7. My guy got PG eligibility in ESPN leagues! next up SF slot as well ? 👀
  8. Could either be traded or still starting with Collins since he's been playing so well i prefer to keep Jabari for the long haul but thats just me, he fits my squad well.
  9. Im hearing Jabari Parker back to the bucks 👀source was luke adams apparently. Also prior to Jabari's monster game against the Bucks he said it was said how it ended and how he would be open to coming back, so its something to keep an eye on & it's sort of hard to envision Jabari on the hawks come feb/mar. Maybe thats why they are playing him alot now aside from john collins being out, to showcase his skills and athleticism as trade bait so other teams would be interested.
  10. I knew i made the right move picking him up! My guy is blessing me in three's right now he gave me the lead 🙏🏼
  11. Yeah everybody overreacts, i'm still holding on to hardaway people should know what they are getting from him already, obviously the efficiency wasn't gonna hold up from 60% last week from beyond the arc but the fact that he is letting it fly is encouraging for me at least, everyone is gonna ride his coattails when he gets hot again.