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  1. Exactly. It’s sad that it has come to the point where a 4/46 game for Lockett is seen as a positive but that’s the way it’s been the past month or so. As for next week, I agree with you, the game script overwhelmingly favours a grind it out/feed Carson week against a terrible Carolina run D that they should get ahead against. Like you said, just gotta hope and pray for the deep ball. Despite how bad Lockett’s been, I don’t have a better option and still think Lockett is a better option than the streamers available in my league.
  2. That might not be his strength but it can't get much worse than what Michel is giving them right now. No one is denying that Belichick is the GOAT but the offence is still atrocious and something needs to change. Alongside Edelman, White is the only proven playmaker on this team and he needs to be given more opportunities.
  3. He has been terrible don’t get me wrong but as a person who has to ride or die with Lockett due to a lack of other options I think this game was a positive one. He was tied for the team lead in targets and had a decent floor in a game where the entire offence struggled to get anything going. Russ will have better days and at least he made a concerted effort to target Lockett. [...]
  4. I don’t get why the Patriots are so hesitant to give White the backfield. Michel is absolute trash and the only time that offence gets something going is when White is on the field. It’s so frustrating as a White owner watching Michel repeatedly get opportunities when he does nothing with them. White has been a consistent FLEX for me but I feel like if the Pats used him correctly he would be so much more.
  5. I don’t understand all the people hating on Jameis in this thread. When will people understand that this is FANTASY football. I couldn’t care less if Jameis is a terrible real life quarterback, he single handedly won me my playoff matchup and is a top 5 QB in my league. Given that I took him around the 10th round, I have absolutely nothing to complain about. Jameis is a fantasy god. End of story.
  6. When are people going to realize that real life ability and fantasy ability are two different things. Is Jameis a terrible quarterback? Probably. Do I care? Not if he keeps consistently putting up QB1 numbers. The constant turnovers are annoying but I’m willing to live with the penalties when he consistently puts up 300+ and a couple TDs. Jameis should not be an NFL starter next year, but if you’re a Jameis owner do you really care?
  7. Am I the only one who didn’t think he played that bad? Sure he threw an early pick but other than that he played pretty well. Anyone who watched the game saw how bad the offensive line was but Jameis was still able to go for over 350. Is he turnover prone? Yes. But I’m willing to take the 2 INT’s if it means he will consistently go over 300 yards with potential for multiple TD’s. In a pass-first offense with arguably the best WR duo in the league and one of the easiest ROS schedules, I have no problem riding with Jameis as my QB1.
  8. It’s been a depressing week for Michigan sports. RIP Charles Rogers and Zachary Winston.
  9. Down by 32 with Carson and Lockett left. Full PPR, fingers crossed.
  10. Had a pretty solid game yesterday and has one of the easiest upcoming schedules of any QB. I think we all know the risk involved in starting Jameis but is it not reasonable to assume he can be a solid ROS QB1? I have Brees as my other QB and am thinking of trading him and riding with Jameis but am concerned about the volatility that comes with starting him week in and week out.
  11. Fair assessment and I can't agree more. However, I often have difficulty choosing between the safe floor but low ceiling of White or a risk-reward player at my FLEX. This week I played Marvin Jones over White and was rewarded but I am just a bit concerned over White's underwhelming usage in this one. Like I said before, seems like when Burkhead is healthy he takes a lot of White's value away.
  12. The TD was definitely nice don't get me wrong but only getting 3 targets is concerning. Especially considering the fact that this is the first game where the Patriots were in catch up mode, a game script which one would assume to be beneficial for White. I don't know why he doesn't play more often because he always seems to make things happen when he's on the field but I guess that's what you get when dealing with the Pats. Seems like whenever Burkhead is healthy White's usage dips severely and he becomes a much more volatile option.
  13. Don't understand why White isn't out there on every play when they're down by 10 and in catch up mode. Every time he's out there he makes stuff happen and is clearly Brady's favourite alongside Edelman.
  14. PPG allowed by Patriots D through 8 games: 5.38 Points allowed so far tonight: 30 Crazy what can happen when you play a competent opponent.