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  2. Whitechapel's new CD. It is going to make me kill people.
  3. Really started to getting into more hardcore stuff, guys like Have Heart.
  4. Knows to hate the right members. He rhymes with mush.

  5. Just started listening to this band called By Blood And Iron pretty sick band think Born Of Osiris but better. Sick a** breakdown at the 3:00 mark.
  6. My first concert was Deep Purple!!!!
  7. Since I saw Impending Doom I haven't stopped listening to them.
  8. Good member.

  9. Just saw part of Flight 666 so I've been listening to some Iron Maiden and Circa Survive. I think I'm going to start listening to some old school heavy metal.
  10. There are a hand full of members that are here just to BS around I'm not going to name names but I'm sure everyone here knows them. While there are some newbies around that do ask what some consider to be a "dumb" question and some people seem to have a problem with this. We all have to remember we were there at one point when we didn't know jack about fantasy sports. As long as these guys are here learn about fantasy sports and and baseball in general we should help them out not just post simply lol or just some smart a** comment. As for the posters that I mentioned before that are here just to BS around. If they don't violate the CoC sadly there is nothing the mods can't do anything about it even if it is a insensitive comment. Some of the veteran posters have left this forums that do have a lot of great things to say because of these trolls. I can say that this forum was great at one time and still has a lot of potential with many members that do know a hell of a lot about the sport. I wish I had a solution but I guess all I can say is that we all need to grow up and there are times to joke around and there are times not to. If we all just at least tried to make our posts more thoughtful we could bring this board back to the promise land. Also as well I think we all need to put our homer hats to the side or at least understand that our team isn't the end all sports team and the players on these teams do have flaws.
  11. Two stars god do you suck

  12. I really like that song, it is my favorite song that I have heard lyrically, but he like changes his voice in it. He sounds really weird in it and I find it extremely annoying the most I listen to it.
  13. Thank you. I'm not the biggest fan of rap, but anything on the radio makes my ears bleed. It isn't even rap it is club music or R&B that they show off as rap.
  14. Gary is neither cute, nor cool. He is simply, the Gary.

  15. Even thought everyone on here hates my music. I'm listening to Oceano's new CD Depths its one of the most brutal CD's in recent memory. Here's the a link to their music video District Of Misery.