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  1. Yep, that's correct. His assist will remain low if he continues to play this way. As far as scoring goes, his signature move is a mid range pull up which he makes at a good rate but it's not enough to bring his scoring up especially when he doesn't draw a lot of fouls and he can't shoot 3s. Not sure how you came up with 15ppg but it doesn't sound likely. -- His biggest strength right now is his steals. He's got really active hands and his ceiling could be as high as 2spg if he's given 30+ mins. I don't think he'll keep up with his blocms though. They just seem like right place right time.
  2. 45% FG 75% FG 0.7 3PT 12PPG 3.5RPG 4APG 1.8SPG 0.5BPG 2TOV
  3. Agree about the rebounding, but not with the dominate in the post. Every game I've watched of him, he's really aggressive in the paint when the ball is in his hands. Where do you think most of his offensive fouls come from? If anything, he's too aggressive posting up.
  4. As weird as it sounds, I really like it when I see in the box score that a my player was allowed to take a lot of shots even when their shot was not falling. It's a sign of trust from their team to let them toss it up as much as they want. Points is a category I try to win in every week so my motto is really just: more shots, more points It's also interesting that If you punt 2 categories, FG% and rebound, Fred VanVleet provides 1st round value.
  5. Refs took away his clutch 3 to seal the game 😪
  6. He had 2 early fouls in the 1st quarter then picked up a 3rd foul in 2 minutes after checking into the 2nd quarter. He has 25 pts now with 8 rebounds, 6 assist, 2 blocks, and 4 threes. Not quite sure what people expect from him, but I'm been happy with my draft pick so far and I don't consider any of his games this season bad games.
  7. Geez.. some of you guys are way too biased. Wiggins is actually doing great this season so far. He's winning games for them. I can agree that some other guys should not be shooting many 3s but are you guys just laundry listing the whole team and the coach as reasons why Towns is not performing up to your standards?
  8. He's averaging only 1.6 three point attempts a game but hitting them at a 46% rate. He should definitely take more 3s
  9. Great team My team is the same build and I'm happy when I see someone take 30 shots and only make 10.
  10. People need to watch his game to be sold on how good he is. He's a better scorer than what people think. He scores a lot right under the basket from PnR's. He's already expected to block a ton of shots and it seems like he can provide 3s and solid FT% for a big. There's only 2 things that might hold him back: minutes and foul trouble
  11. Imagine owning Harden and Trae for a punt FG and TO
  12. Agreed. I don't think he'll give many blocks, but I've been watching him play and he's really active with his hands. He could top 10 (maybe 5?) in steals with 30 mins a game. Also, he got 2 steals today, not 1. They didn't credit him a steal when he picked Brogdon in this play:
  13. If anyone needs a steal to win in H2H this week, you can try contesting this to the NBA: Kick ball should've been called on this play but since it wasn't, it's arguable that KAT stole it with his foot lol
  14. Absolute love his stats. Wolves could definitely use him more when there's a mismatch, but that'd just be more bonus points for me. The increased 3pt shooting is going to be great this season.
  15. Here is the video of a questionable no-call on Jaren from tonight: He does this consistently. Someone has an easy shot and he'll contest it but he gets in the way of their landing and it's an easy call for the refs. Luckily, it worked out in his favor for this one.