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  1. Man i hate cavs, full of useless low iq guards. They really, i mean REALLY need a solid playmaker. Cmon playing with sexton&garland&clarkson is nightmare for a guy like nance. just imagine he plays for mavs...
  2. What do you guys expect from him when he returns(hoping in dec), with that knee? I just got this muscle man and dame for simmons adebayo and melo.
  3. Holding, this rookie month will pass and we get 3's and stocks again with a decent %.
  4. Whole team is played sh*t, just forget this game and move on.
  5. I hope its not like stone cold injury, looks very bad. Get well soon kemba.
  6. No guys drop him and run for melo cuz he's 35 time all star.
  7. I missed that asists from Last year. Damn he plays with pass last guards like garland and sexton! Worst team building ever
  8. Damn i betrayed my lord and put him in a deal for adebayo. I am sorry and i accept the punishment i deserve.
  9. hohoho now we talkin', keep it going ben!
  10. i remember monster lines from last year like 14-15-6-2-1 when tt and love was INJ. just missed that...
  11. PJ is a real deal, not worry at all. he can do everything, just not in the same game yet lol.
  12. I won't even consider giving away my beardy even he offers me his mama
  13. i just got offered my draymond or RoCo for zion, what do you guys think? What is his value right now i can't trust this caotic GSW