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  1. lol I don’t even want to reply him, don’t waste your time pal
  2. Lol too bad I’m in a 18 team league without any IL spot, and I would drop kenrich Williams if I’m gonna pick him up. Any insight?
  3. Anyone knows what’s going on with this dude? Worth grabbing him from waiver wire?
  4. Nobody talks about this kid today? Unbelievable
  5. I put my word here, he will definitely be good again and make all of you who have dropped him feel like shxt
  6. Grant is currently just a 16-team league guy but I believe he is just one good game away from being a hot pickup in this week.
  7. I’m very surprised that he is still owned in 78% in yahoo league lol
  8. Murray just sucks, It is undeniable. He’s not a play maker and can’t even shoot. He also lost his defense after the ACL surgery. I don’t understand why spurs would give him such a big contract.
  9. Spurs just signed a 4 yrs contract with him...... spurs is fxxked up so badly, this dude belongs to G-league 🤷‍♂️
  10. He is a must own player now, his defensive stats are elite and legit