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  1. points league H2H Jrue for sabonis and bojan?
  2. Give up harden for jokic and lillard? points league h2h
  3. Love or rozier h2h points league?
  4. 9cat h2h. Got offered Kemba and jjj for my bledsoe and wendell. should I take it?
  5. Should I use my high waiver priority on jeremy lamb? 9cat h2h 10team
  6. i know vooch just got hurt but if he was healthy would this be a good deal to give up KAT?
  7. Should I offer bledsoe and either Myles or bam for Luka? Or should I offer more?
  8. Myles is playing today and coming off my IR so would using my top waiver on curry be worth it or just save it for later?
  9. curry just got dropped and i have 2nd waiver so i guess ill try to pick him up
  10. I got offered curry for my smart. 9cat h2h. I have Myles in the IR and am also holding John Collins who’s wasting a roster spot