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  1. I'm holding the team loves this guy. He was getting 4 steals 2 blocks in 20 minutes and I think he's carved out atleast a 24 minutes role
  2. Drummond gets mad at Luke Kennard for taking rebounds too. The general rule is all rebounds are Drummonds. I don't think this is anything really. More an indictment on Drummond
  3. That's usually the trade off. Most blockers best blocking rates were in their rookie season. They'll definitely come back because he has a historically high block rate. The minutes mean the most and lack of fouls mean the most.
  4. Bobby got benched for mitch. Taj plays less than mitch in every game blow out or not. I don't even own the guy I just know you're wrong.
  5. I'm more excited for Jakob than any other player on my team.
  6. They don't really have a center option outside of Taj who would be better at winning. Mitchell is good at defending the paint when he's playing controlled. He leads the team in winshares. He's the guy you want to become as good as possible as soon as possible. What other options do they really have outside of Mitchell?
  7. Favors definitely not taking backseat to Hayes. Hayes will probably get 17-22 minutes a night once this roster is healthy
  8. When this guy has the size and experience to play at the 4 he is going to be a great fantasy asset