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  1. Was offered Lev Bell, Aaron Rodgers, and Golladay for Barkley, McLaulin, Kyler Murray. 12 team PPR- QB Murray (lost Cam) RB Barkley, White, McCoy, Ronald Jones, Gore WR K. Allen, Lockett, McLaulin, (lost AB 🤬) TE Waller
  2. How you feeling now ? And btw I’m 50 lol !!
  3. Montgomery seems open on flair route quite a few times and Trubisky never even looks his way, even after he has one nice grab tonight
  4. Great day for me. Antonio and Montgomery both became useless lol !!
  5. Montgomery looking like a wasted pick right now... behind immortal Mike Davis
  6. Completely useless. He is not even worth a spot on your bench.