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  1. Howd I do? WHIR

    like it a lot. good buy low. help?
  2. Maybe Monroe or Sabonis, then Henson to replace a big.
  3. Tough one. I'd side to the Whiteside side until the recent news on his knee. If you're a gambler, I like the side you already have if everyone is healthy. To be safer, the Cousins/Lillard side.
  4. Stash Millsap? Drop who? WHIR!

    I'd drop BAM
  5. Eric Gordon or RHJ

    I'd go RHJ slightly bc he should have more opportunity while Harden and Paul are healthy.
  6. drop henson for?

    I'd hold him
  7. I'd accept
  8. Points league (similar scoring to DFS). Should I decrease my risk and make the move of Monroe & Lavine for Pau Gasol & Taurean Prince? What do you think ROS? Thanks.
  9. Which side wins? Whir

    I'd do it. If Capela stays at this level, Turner should still be his equal. Potentially selling high too.
  10. Durant Blockbuster Trade who wins?

    I lean towards keeping Durant. The value will remain there to do a trade like this if you get desperate after a few weeks.
  11. I'd do it. I dont think Chriss and Carroll will be big assets this year (Chriss has potential though). Wall obviously elite and better than Zingus, but I like it for you
  12. Who do you think has the best chance of rising up and becoming a consistent 25-30+ min guy going forward? We're all guessing, but who would you go with?
  13. Rozier or J.Simmons WHIR

    SO DUMB on my part my bad... I was thinking Kyle Anderson and I have no idea why. I'd go Simmons given that Rozier seems stuck at 20 min or so for now.
  14. LeVert not doing much with his 27 minutes and it just seems like that may decrease. I'm torn.