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  1. Not sure how any offense can get into rhythm with the backs rotating in and out. Saw several delay of game penalties and it was just sad to see
  2. Cough cough - Laquon Treadwell, Josh Doctson, Kevin White, John Ross, Corey Coleman...amongst a few but they didn’t produce 1st yr like Ridley
  3. This easing David Montgomery got me indecisive! Should I bench him and ride Guice who sounds to have a better game one workload? Or Stick to Montgomery since I drafted him in the 4th?
  4. Great news on nfl.com Derrius Guice was shown as the starter for Week 1 on Washington's depth chart. (Les Carpenter on Twitter) Checked wahington’s website and shows Guice starter.
  5. Rawls released and only a banged up Blue to backup Fournette who gets banged up easily himself. Best of all he’s free Sign me up!
  6. KJ, too many options at WR in PPR. Boyd is going around 5/6 in some of my drafts, KJ is consistent 3/4 in those.... worst case trade KJ for even better WR before season starts if your not high up on him.
  7. 🙏 thanks all, I think Boyd and Ridley it is, and responded back to all.
  8. I think you have to keep Rogers as well, long shelf life. Backs are pretty dynamic year over year and Chubb has hunt waiting in wings, while WR has longer shelf, Rodgers till the pick
  9. Pretty solid team. I think your rb’s are fine given ppr. I would look for a backup TE, walker is getting there in age and injury prone, and McKinnon is constantly hurt. Otherwise solid.
  10. I can only keep 2 players out of the 4 and keep flip flopping and all are low cost keepers for me. It’s a 1pt PPR. Thinking of going TE/WR Evan Engram (cost 14 rd)vs Hunter Henry (cost 18th Rd) - Evans has less competition for receptions but a worst QB. -Hunter - higher ceiling but lower floor. May not get as much receptions as more mouths to feed Ridley (cost 17rd) Boyd (cost 17 rd) -Ridley I think has the higher talent, but more competition. Better QB but not seeing a lot of passing numbers from QB going up. -Boyd, currently less competition but probably more double team. Dalton is his QB, but looked good in preason as he was targeting Boyd. i’m leaning towards Hunter (gut) and Boyd but swinging back and forth at Engram/Ridley.
  11. I have saric since he is starting and has looked good but noticed that Osman gets more min and has a better playoff schedule. Who you you rather have ROS.
  12. Ok, I saw on the nba.com score board that Bullock was pg those two games. Example: http://www.nba.com/games/20190212/LALATL#/boxscore
  13. he started at pg over rondo the last two games
  14. Anyone know how to petition for him to get PG in yahoo? My pg’s suck so going to try for a punt assist team.
  15. Kinda worries about booker being shut down so been shopping him around. Best offer I got for him was for Klay. Stay out or pull trigger?