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  1. I have saric since he is starting and has looked good but noticed that Osman gets more min and has a better playoff schedule. Who you you rather have ROS.
  2. Ok, I saw on the nba.com score board that Bullock was pg those two games. Example: http://www.nba.com/games/20190212/LALATL#/boxscore
  3. he started at pg over rondo the last two games
  4. Anyone know how to petition for him to get PG in yahoo? My pg’s suck so going to try for a punt assist team.
  5. Kinda worries about booker being shut down so been shopping him around. Best offer I got for him was for Klay. Stay out or pull trigger?
  6. Mudiay is sitting on my free agent pool and thinking of picking him up for either Sexton or Prince. Who you rather have?
  7. Did he start at Center? Hoping he gets a couple more starts so we can request an update on yahoo as I could use another center.
  8. Rather have Embiid/Dipo, guessing you too. Lamb belongs is waiver, I guess if you want a better shot but not hurt you try Harrell or Bjelica.
  9. I have Robinson but JJJ just dropped and deciding which is better ros. Going to put a waiver claim to see if I can get him. No brainer?
  10. Has he been playing SF or SG. NBA.com says SF for the past several games when I wat he’d the stats, but he only has SG in yahoo.
  11. I have dlo and would rather have Murray. Actually made the offer as I like to buy low on Murray as he seems to start slow. Too many guards on the nets.
  12. Ironically the Doncic owner is interested in a straight swap. I know trae young blew up, but I think I like Doncic longer term and he has SF eligibility on yahoo. Do it?
  13. On nba.com, I see him playing at SF, hope he gets it.
  14. Another nice line tonight with decent stocks tonight. Only SG in yahoo though.