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  1. Blurb on the front page of RW says it's as insurance in case he's needed this weekend.
  2. Welcome to rotoworld forums, the place where if you do not share the herd mentality and opinions, you get chastised, stoned and flogged, all at once,and it won't stop there, they'll hold it against you for seasons on end, just look at the Story thread, snarky central. I swear, this forum has gotten out of hand with all of this, " I'm right, NO your not, I AM, yadda yadda yadda, healthy debate?, not any more, differences in opinions? oh yes, but keep it to your self lest ye subject yourself to the insufferable I'm always right so get off my lawn crowd, nevermind the numbers, my opinion is LAW!! I remember back in the day, there were some good discussions here, gone are those days, now all we have is, mine are bigger than yours, I'm right and you're not, school yard internet fights. Heaven forbid someone disagrees with those posters who think they always right and rule these threads. There are some who will never admit when they're wrong, even when proven, NEVER. Great job folks
  3. Hate any injuries, but for me, elbow/forearm sounds tons better than shoulder. Feel bad for the guy, but TJ isn't a death sentence if that's what the end results will be. He's in good hands though(per his twitter post), wish him all the best and a speedy recovery.
  4. Listed as starting Friday, 22nd vs @Tor on both yahoo/ESPN.
  5. The 4 outfielder shift.
  6. 04/03/2016 by RotoWire Staff | Special to Angels' Tyler Skaggs: Will open season at Triple-A Skaggs (elbow) will open the season at Triple-A Salt Lake, Joey Kaufman of the Orange County Register reports. Skaggs has looked strong in his recovery from Tommy John surgery this spring, as his fastball velocity was sitting around the mid-90s during his most recent three-inning appearance at spring training Saturday. However, after missing all of last season, it appears the Angels will be conservative to start 2016 by having Skaggs pick up some innings at Triple-A. If he excels early on, it may not be long before he displaces the struggling Matt Shoemaker as the Angels' fifth starter. He didn't start the season on the dl, he started it in AAA, hence no dl tag. Homework complete.
  7. Could be because he's in the minors, on a rehab assignment, and not on the dl.
  8. Valencia may not be going anywhere, Healy can play 1b, and looking at the production from 1b, he'd slot in nicely there. Have to wait and see how this shakes out, but Ryon's bat looks ML ready. Besides, Oakland has 3b covered on the farm with Chapman and Nunez, who may also move off of 3b himself, this is Oakland we're talking about, their propensity to sell off assets for packages that leave their fan base scratching our collective heads trying to see the rational of their moves, so who knows.
  9. You can't simply say "another good start" without the stats: 5ip, 2h, 0r, 1bb, 9 K's Good to see him acclimating to his new address. Going to be fun watching him develop into the ace no one saw coming, sit back, put your shades on and enjoy the ride.
  10. Alex Wood is due back soon too, not sure for how long, but Mattingly was talking about his return just prior to the break, said he was close. Just another name to keep in mind for a spot in that crowded rotation.
  11. Final line: 6ip, 4 h, 1r, 1er, 1bb, 1hbp, 9k, 78/54 5fo, 4go. Good to see him go 6 with less than 80 pitches. Long term project, but might very well be worth the wait if you have the room. 2019-2020 Washington should have some kind of rotation.
  12. First time putting eyes on Perdomo, not overly impressed. anyone know anything I may be missing with him?
  13. Ryon Healy is a name to file away in dynasty's in case you haven't. Kid has a sweet swing.
  14. That triple should've been a single, O'Neill misplayed that, terribly I might add, but good to see his hit tool on display. kid has wheels too.
  15. Nothing since May on this kid, has had some up and down starts since, time for an update: today, thru 5ip, 1er( hr to 1st batter of the game), 3h, 1bb, 9 k's, biggest stat of the day? 67 pitches thru 5, has his era below 3. Kid turned 19 in Jan, future looking brighter and brighter as the developmental path continues on an upward trajectory.