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  1. The A's signed him on July 2nd, he's listed as their 11th prospect on Probably going to have to wait for a year or 2, but I can't wait til he plays in Stockton for the Ports, right in my backyard,, I'll make sure to give some reports when I see him.
  2. Renfroe at 54, I noticed that has spent time at the ml level, otherwise, most of these prospects have zero service time at the ml level, tells me they basically cleaned up the list, removing almost all of them that have made their debut. Not sure what criteria they used as far as AB's and IP for elig to the list, but that's my take away. Decent list for those with deeeep milb rosters, but I do see others missing that haven't debuted yet. Long ways away, but did not see Lazarshow listed either, to me, he warrants a spot over some others here, but good to see a list in October, even if we don't agree with it.
  3. Anyone else make it to round 3? Curious about other l/u's. I spent large on Lackey and Kershaw, LA supporting cast hasn't shown up though. Have to hope my Cub pick show up and produce. Anyway, good luck to those still alive. 100 places pay.
  4. You can see your rnd 1 score, go to your lu page, directly above where it says Baseball fill in the blank, mine says silver cup, round 2, there are these tabs: Live, upcoming and completed, click on completed.
  5. Couldn't pass on the duel in SF, looking, or rather hoping for another 1-0 game, 2-1 would suffice, had to go both Jake and Bum, alot of low cost players that can produce available to fit both these arms. Good luck everyone..
  6. Not a waste of time, I do like the numbers games, was simply curious, most times, someone is trying to make a point value wise with these comparisons. Alls good I've been a long time fan of Drurys' game, playing time issues were his hurdle, but after this season, and the managerial changes in Ari, I hope he's proven himself to warrant more playing time moving forward, love his hit tool. Could see him becoming a stalwart in the lu for many years for Ari. Own him in a dynasty, position flexibility helps too.
  7. A: Mazara B is Drury Point?
  8. People also forget that he lost his son in July of 2014. Hard to focus on a game when you lose a family member mid season, might, just might have an impact on career numbers when there's only a small sample to go from to start with. 2015 he started to show what he brings to the table, I'm going to assume he gathered himself as much as one can after a loss like he went through, takes time if ever to focus again on a game. To me, he gets a pass for 2014's numbers as well as his career numbers, I'm going off of 2015 to present when evaluating Villar. (rubs hand together ala Mr. Burns, "excellent" thinking about my 2b in 2017). my edit: Did I just confuse Villar with Segura? I may have, if so, disregard. Homer says, "DOH"
  9. Yup, a complete game shut out, on the road in a hostile enviornment, in an elimination game, is not 'that" impressive, smh.
  10. My Biggest disappointment this season was me and the way I managed my team, refused to make the moves needed when needed, married myself to my prospects and passed on viable trades. Semifinal match, I refused to bench a big name bat that was slumping hard and insert a hot bat, cost me the match, so yea, I was my biggest disappointment this season.
  11. Haven't found clarity on yahoo, but I was under the impression 5 starts in season, or 10 appearances carrying over for elig for the following season. ESPN is 10/20. Can anyone clear this up? Perhaps provide the yahoo link showing their criteria? Thanks in advance.
  12. I believe he's talking about Trea Turner, but I agree, he's a great dynasty pick very early, but not for the redraft crowd.
  13. Groin
  14. Per twitter, Kazmir just left the game mid inning. Trainer came, and they both left together. Could be that De Leon now has a path ros? Retweeted OKC Dodgers ‏@okc_dodgers 20m20 minutes agoOklahoma City, OK After a visit from the trainer, Scott Kazmir leaves the game in the top of the first inning. Lisalverto Bonilla will take the mound for OKC.
  15. Here in the Bay Area, in 1987, we attributed it to the Bash Brothers, but yea, doesn't take much in the form of the winding machines' calibrations being off by an iota. Zack sitting at home, reading his thread just got his excuse to use in contract negotiations after this seasons' poor performance, " It's the balls I tell ya, the balls, not me, go read my thread in the rotoworld forum."