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  1. Funniest part of this thread? Everyone on his jock about crappy plate approach, but those same peeps are defending Story in his thread, go figure.
  2. Pretty gusty here in the Bay Area right now, forecast has 25mph gusts out to CF starting around 5pm. Seeing Cueto struggle with the long ball so far, something to look into closer to game time.
  3. Saw him touch 95 a few times, sat 92-94 mostly, looked pretty good stuff wise. Seems to be over the injury, lets hope he heats up as the temps do here. Sonny dazes ahead.
  4. Major difference here is, no one will want to take you behind the shed if you talk negatively about Thames. Over in Story's thread, if you mention ANYTHING negatively about story, they'll troll you in every other thread telling you that he plays in coors field, good for 35, 270. because he has all of 600ish abs, oh, and he plays in coors. But seriously, Thames is gonna Thames, he don't need no stinkin coors, he just needs the reds pitching!!.
  5. Food for thought: Righties are hitting .359 and slugging .651 against Morton so far this season. Don't see this start as a slam dunk against a potentially dangerous Texas O in that bandbox Houston calls a park. Good luck to those of you starting him.
  6. This conversation kinda reinforces my opinion that we need a dynasty sub forum for dynasty conversations. So many threads have conversations just like this, geared for the redraft crowd. Dynasty owners have to weed through these posts where you're chastised for thinking about DL'ing someone like Bird from the redraft crowd. We need a dynasty platform where like minded dynasty/ deep keeper owners can have intelligent conversations about our dynasty players.
  7. Monte Moore was the voice of the swingin A's during their 70's 3pete, great voice, but my all time favorite was Bill King, called A's and Raider games, even though he was a radio announcer, you felt like you could actually see the game with the way he announced. So much passion. To this day, every time the Raider's score a TD, can hear Bill's TOUCH DOWN RRRRRAAAAIIIIDDDDEEERRRRSSSSSS!
  8. Thanks for the link
  9. Any weather issues?
  10. Don't know your situation, league size, keeper/dynasty/redraft, but for context: I traded for him in my dynasty preseason for Matz and DeLeon from a team in build mode. My pitching derailed my run last season with injuries and under performing, so I went out and sold most of my prospect arms for Cueto, Bumgarner(how'd that work out for me? ouch, hope he returns for my playoffs). At 31, he should have some left in the tank, worth a shot for the right price. Good luck
  11. Cold and wet in Cle, smart to give him a little more time off with any leg issues with those weather conditions
  12. Aaron Sanchez
  13. Wait, you mean to tell me yahoo has a position assignment issue? The same yahoo that gave Schwarber catcher elig even though he did catch a single inning last season? Say it isn't so. Not surprised
  14. 94 mph fb to the head, to be fair, it glanced off the back portion of the left side of his helmet, he took a moment to stand up, blinking a bit, but should be ok. Not a Dr, but I did sleep at a holiday inn express
  15. Doolittle in Oakland was a major financial decision, either last season or 15, Oakland didn't let him close until he signed an extension.