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  1. lol, yup, forgot that there are other places besides where I live.....
  2. Yahoo is set up where after midnight, you can drop a player but his stats will still count for that day, kinda how streamers get the jump on starters for the next day, so the drop of Wheeler is well within the confines of yahoo settings.
  3. Josh Reddick 2018 Outlook

    They've been using the DTD tag for injuries as well as illnesses for a while now, that's all, he's feeling under the weather, sick, so he's day to day...could potentially pinch hit if needed though.....
  4. Yonny Chirinos 2018 Outlook

    He was named their minor league pitcher of the year after his 2017 season, with the arms they have down there, was all I needed to hear for a dynasty add. He's poised on the mound, commands the strike zone quite well with good movement. Lots to like from what we've seen, this is the type of arm that if you put him on your watch list, you'll probably be watching him all season, on someone else's roster. Still a small sample, but results are promising.
  5. 2017-2018 Off-season and Hot Stove Thread

    To the bolded, this is a rare occasion to be sure, but I had to share this story because, well, it did happen. In Feb. 1991, Mark McGuire signed a 1 year 2.85 million dollar contract with the Oakland A's. He was coming off his 1990 season that saw him put up these numbers: .235ba, 39hrs 108rbis, with an all star appearance. He went on to hit .201 during the 1991 season, after the season, he went to Mr Finley's office and gave him $1 million dollars back from his 2.85 million dollar salary saying he didn't earn it. It was a pretty big deal here in the Bay Area at the time, as you said, you don't see multi-millionaire athletes giving money back to the owners, ever, until Big Mac came to town, nor have I heard of another instance since, but it did happen, just this once. Despite all the hate he generated later in his career, he will forever be considered a class act for that action alone here in the Bay Area.
  6. 5th season 12 tm full dynasty on yahoo, with 20 man milb rosters on proboards, needs 2 dedicated and active owners. #1:, milb : #2:, milb: league settings: we've had issues in the past with trades, but have worked hard addressing them. Any questions, just ask
  7. How is it a commish problem? Since when is it ok for us to not be accountable for our actions? That's what you're saying by putting the blame or responsibility on the commish. A limit is a limit, not open for interpretation, it's clear, in black and white, 12 starts is 12 starts, not 15, not 18, it's frickin 12, so is a 25 ip limit, it's clear, 25 ip, not 30, not 50, but 25, where is the confusion? Why is it ok to exceed a limit and then blame a commish? Isn't his main function is to ensure the league is run smoothly and by the league rules? Just because a move limit can be enforced by the hosting site, which enforces YOUR settings when you implement a limit, it's still a clear number, and if you elect to use their numbers, it's still a black and white number, not grey, or gray, it's simply someone using a loop hole to usurp the league rules, not the commish's doing, he can un do those, but it's not his fault for changing the wording to something that the hosting site can not enforce, but it doesn't make it ok to do. Cheating the rules is cheating the rules, doesn't matter how you spin it, or where you place the blame, when you make the move despite what the rules states, you're cheating.
  8. This is a hosting site issue though, they simply don't have the software to enforce start limits like this, so people exploit that inability by the hosting sites, totally disregarding the league rule in place. Your league rules "should" supersede hosting site settings period, that's why you have league rules, not site rules that you can't alter or adjust to your liking., so, by definition, your cap should be a hard cap, ( where in the world is there another situation where we sit around and try to find a loophole to usurp the laws? Prison? that or come tax time are about the only times I can see this type of behavior) but some people have to see it in writing that the cap in your rules is in fact a hard cap and not a soft cap to be ignored( my question then is why the F is there a cap if we don't have to abide by it? ), because everyone knows that if it isn't stated that a cap is a hard cap, it isn't a cap at all due to the hosting site's lack of enforceable software, right? I mean, we're now a society that has to have every single item listed and expanded upon so as to curb the inclination for humans to find each and every loophole in order to gain an edge, it's what we've become, no longer are there gentlemen's agreements, no longer are there handshake deals, or your word being your honor, your situation is a prime example. Weekly add limits do, to some degree, curb this, but not totally, and I find it comical how those that do use the loophole will try to justify their actions by saying that the hosting site allows it, so forget our rule that is in place, or the ever popular, "everyone does it", yea right, that's why we have league rules, right? so we can all ignore them due to the hosting sites lack of enforceable software, right? smh, the sad thing is the most do this in a FREE game, those people and their lives must really suck if they have to cheat at a free game like that, AND try to justify their actions.......keep your redraft leagues, I'll stick to the private dynasty formats where we don't have those issues. Good luck
  9. Wrong forum, but I have a question...

    I don't know what the number is but I do know there is a number. Just post where you can until you're able to post anywhere. or you could message a moderator and ask them. Best I can do for you. Welcome to the forums
  10. Pedro Avila, SP (SD)

    For what it's worth, there were only 2 SP's in the CAL with era's under 3.51 that qualify, so while his 4.98 looks pretty bad, but went with a 3.44FIP, so it really isn't THAT bad considering the parks and the fact that most pitchers look overwhelmed when just looking at individual player stats. Still managed over a k per, with only 2 hr's given up. Not really over-matched IMO. Keep in mind that pitchers often work on specific pitches at times which can skew numbers. One note here, ever since Michel Baez arrived, Avila has taken off, which isn't a bad thing. Another Interesting note, given his size, he's still pitching to a 45+% gb rate which has yielded only 16 hr's in 274+ ip. Lots to like here.
  11. George Springer 2017 Outlook

    According to this RW blurb, he may not be activated until later this week, if not the weekend: George Springer (quad) is not active for Tuesday night's series opener against the White Sox. Springer was initially aiming to return to the Astros last Friday, but he's still working his way back from a left quad injury. It might be another couple days. Jake Marisnick is starting in center field and batting ninth Tuesday versus Chicago left-hander Derek Holland. Daily Slant: Despite Springer's absence, the Astros are still the top overall offense on the board, especially the right-handed bats in this lineup. White Sox starter Derek Holland has allowed a whopping 23 HRs to RHBs already this year (2.36 HR/9) with a porous 5.7 K-BB%, and his 40.4 Hard% allowed is simply icing on the cake. Target the Astros with confidence.
  12. J.D. Martinez 2017 Outlook

    Dawel Lugo, Sergio Alcantara amd Jose King? That's all they got for JD? wow
  13. Corey Seager 2017 Outlook

    oops Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said Sunday that Corey Seager (hamstring) "feels considerably better" and could be available off the bench. There had been some speculation that Seager might be placed on the disabled list with a hamstring injury he suffered Friday, but it doesn't appear it will come to that. The star shortstop will miss a second straight start but it sounds like he could return to the lineup relatively soon. Gotta love the way this forum has regressed with these quality posters. Source: J.P. Hoornstra on Twitter Jun 25 - 2:20 PM
  14. Luis Castillo - SP CIN

    Just a heads up, he was traded to Cinn in the Straily deal, not a Marlin anymore.
  15. June Closer Thread 2017

    Well, we have to remember how the Nats treat their closers, remember when Storen was LIGHTS OUT, they still went out and brought in paps relegating Storen to the set up roll, can never forget what that did to Storen's confidence, he's never been the same. I own Koda in a dynasty, I'm skeert