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  1. I believe he's talking about Trea Turner, but I agree, he's a great dynasty pick very early, but not for the redraft crowd.
  2. Groin
  3. Per twitter, Kazmir just left the game mid inning. Trainer came, and they both left together. Could be that De Leon now has a path ros? Retweeted OKC Dodgers ‏@okc_dodgers 20m20 minutes agoOklahoma City, OK After a visit from the trainer, Scott Kazmir leaves the game in the top of the first inning. Lisalverto Bonilla will take the mound for OKC.
  4. Here in the Bay Area, in 1987, we attributed it to the Bash Brothers, but yea, doesn't take much in the form of the winding machines' calibrations being off by an iota. Zack sitting at home, reading his thread just got his excuse to use in contract negotiations after this seasons' poor performance, " It's the balls I tell ya, the balls, not me, go read my thread in the rotoworld forum."
  5. Not that this has anything to do with Zack, but I'll feed the de railment another tid bit: The "experts" on mlbtv were discussing this issue late July, mentioned the baseballs were being wound a little tighter than before. TIFWIW
  6. I'm not expecting anything from deGrom on Monday, nothing at all: Mets manager Terry Collins confirmed Friday that the club will skip Jacob deGrom's scheduled start on Monday. Advice: The right-hander has been knocked around in each of his last two starts and the Mets believe they have found a mechanical flaw that can be blamed for his struggles. They'll give him a nice extended rest while attempting to fix the issue before he rejoins the rotation. More:
  7. A possibility, but looking at his total ip since 2012, 170ish or so, give or take a few innings, this is the most he's pitched. Realistically, seeing the recent babying trend with SP's returning from TJ, could see them cap him around 120ish next season, with a late season call, bp perhaps? would hate to see that, but he'd get a cup at least in that scenario. Call him up around May/June '18 to play the control game,and let him rip from then on, this is if everything goes accordingly or as hoped..dynasty gold so far, fingers crossed he stays healthy.
  8. Not seeing him fast tracked next season since this is his first season back from surgery. Today's start puts him at 90.1 ip for the season. Late late 2017? perhaps, but I believe they'll bring him along slowly with eyes on '18, could be wrong, but I'd personally like to see them allow him to build up arm strength and innings for the long haul. Minn doesn't look like they'll contend in 17, just my 2 cents.
  9. Very efficient too, 87 pitches through 7, with 60 strikes. Also encouraging was a 7-1 gb/fb ratio. Would love to see him move up to face some tougher competition, but gotta love what we're seeing so far.
  10. Locked into a great duel tonight. Trading zero's through 3. Here's a link for those who like to follow game day.:
  11. Mind-boggling irrelevant argument here between some of the best minds/posters on these boards. The question/argument was, is Hoffman rosterable, at home? Heck no, as been argued here, but one poster made a blanket post stating that NO Col SP was rosterable, end thread, then it turned into a debate about pitching @Coors, well, data does support the side against pitching @Coors, not about Col SP's being rosterable, what prevents anyone from simply sitting a Rockie SP when they're home? You know, just the same approach as almost all of us use when sitting our SP's when they pitch there? Rockie SP's hold value on the road, no? If you want to come here and say, : Well, I prefer not to waste a roster spot on a pitcher I can use only half the time, that's a valid argument, but to make blanket statements that Rockie SP's are not rosterable period is complete non sense. You guys are awesome most of the time, but too often you get caught up in semantics and lose sight of the original topic at hand. Tyler Anderson is having a great season to date, better numbers @Coors, showing that they can indeed be rostered, pick and choose where you start them, easy peasy. Carry on.
  12. Kid was looking the best we've seen, IF it is his hammy, HUGE sigh of relief. Rest and rehab kid, no rush, we'll need you for the playoffs.
  13. NY still clinging to faint playoff hopes, he's played in 2 of the 4 games since his call, give it a little time, he's part of their future, my bet is as soon as they give up those playoff hopes, he should get ample playing time.
  14. Ari just called Haniger up. Playing time might be iffy to start with, but he's a good spec add for the run.
  15. My bad, I keep forgetting these terms and valuation comments are from re-drafters, and baby mommas, not dynasty leagues, which are the only leagues I do. Totally different entity, I'll walk myself out the door