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  1. As a teenager during the amazing A's run in the early 70's, as a lefty, Ken Holtzman and Vida Blue where who I tried to emulate, , as a 10-16 yr old, had a nasty give up curve, along with a sinking curve, screwball, even a Mussina knuckle curve. Then at age 16 was throwing 92ish, had a scholarship until I blew out my elbow just before I turned 17, needless to say, I had to follow a different path as my elbow was destroyed and in '77 they weren't performing tj on hs kids. anyway, nice piece, great thread
  2. I'm not so sure about this inning caps at an early age being fully responsible for future arm issues, I believe the root of the issue is the type of pitches these kids are throwing at too early an age, way before their bodies are fully developed. They're putting too much torque on elbow/shoulder ligaments with the curves/sliders, knuckleballs. Think back to when you were a kid growing up, we played baseball EVERY DAY, for hours upon hours as well as little league. Our arms were well worked, but we were throwing everything from curves, sliders, screwballs, knuckle-curves, sinking curves, everything we could do to make the ball dance like a whiffle ball, everything that is detrimental to our still not fully developed arm and shoulder ligaments. As a coach, I stressed the importance of allowing arms to develop before incorporating curves/sliders and everything not a fastball/change up related. I taught kids finger position and pressure while throwing fastballs to get movement without the torque on the elbow or extra strain on the shoulder that's involved by throwing curves/sliders. Sound mechanics are intrinsic to a healthy career, but never underestimate the damage done at an early age while trying to do more than the body can handle. I ran into a lot of resistance in this approach, especially from the older kids who had been throwing those type of pitches for a few years, but their long term health was my objective. Just one mans opinion/experience
  3. Holder, Jared Miller, Chargios
  4. I really like what you and a few others post here, you dig deep, unfortunately, so do I, as well as a few of my dynasty league-mates who frequent this forum, which brings me to my post. You keep outing my deep sleepers before I can clear room for them, forcing me to drop others that I'm high on, dagnabit!! cost me Luis Castillo to make room, but I'm higher on Welker than Castillo, especially after the move to Cinn. Seriously though, great posts, I always look forward to these deep names.
  5. I could see them turning to Brock Stewart instead of Urias early if the need arises in an effort to limit Urias' innings. Have to keep in mind that Urias is their future, even with them going all in now, he'd be a bigger impact contributor later in the season with his limits than he would be starting right out of the gate. They're going to protect his arm, whether we like it or not, but he will have an impact, it's simply a matter of when.
  6. A little copy and paste: Important dates for Yahoo Fantasy Baseball {TKN_PRODUCT_YAHOO_NAME) Yahoo Fantasy Baseball follows the same schedule as the 2017 Major League Baseball regular season. This year's season runs from April 2, 2017 through October 1, 2017. In Head-to-Head leagues, all Game Weeks follow a 7-day, Monday through Sunday format. Registration dates and deadlines Team and league registration is open from January 26, 2017 until July 9, 2017.
  7. 4 starts at 1b, means he won't carry 1b elig into 2017
  8. And, off to TB, just got flipped for Smyly.
  9. Guess it would help to know how many keepers, league size/settings etc, normal info that helps us help you, but in a vacuum: Seems dirty is being highly underrated too, dirty is Sanchez, but both? This is a firm no from me. Good luck
  10. So basically, what these numbers say: 280+ ba,mid to high teens pop, with 25+ sb,s? he's basically an Odubel Herrera type circa 2016 season, but with a much better supporting cast in Hou. May have cut him too soon in my dynasty if this is who he might become, nice to see him getting the recognition he deserves.
  11. Paddack was also traded to San Diego - fwiw
  12. Hmmm, your only post in this thread, I sure missed you, thanks for the troll.
  13. Beltran to Hou on a 1yr deal. Most likely DH with the occasional start in RF. Could see another 30hr season, 80-90rbis with a 280ish ba in that park and lu. Probably the best place he could've landed a contract. edited to say, 30 may be a stretch, or homerism, at least for my dynasty team, but 25? I'll take it.
  14. Look above my post, bluejaysin2030 posted this: Only 415PA... But seriously. I still can't believe some people doubt him. The kid has wheels and power. What more do you want? Even if he hits .240, would you be upset when it comes with 10-15SB and 25+HRs? At SS? Damn. That's what I was replying to, he asked if anyone would be upset at these numbers, so I replied that Semien put up those numbers last season, man,m I knew someone would get their panties in a wad... I was quoting bluejaysin2030, he posted those numbers, and asked if anyone would be upset, my post about Semien was in reply. because Semien DID put up those numbers. sheesh, reading 101,
  15. Before anyone gets their panties in a wad, I am NOT saying he's Semien, but these numbers are, Semien went 238, 27 and 10, would you really be happy if Story does this?