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  1. A little copy and paste: Important dates for Yahoo Fantasy Baseball {TKN_PRODUCT_YAHOO_NAME) Yahoo Fantasy Baseball follows the same schedule as the 2017 Major League Baseball regular season. This year's season runs from April 2, 2017 through October 1, 2017. In Head-to-Head leagues, all Game Weeks follow a 7-day, Monday through Sunday format. Registration dates and deadlines Team and league registration is open from January 26, 2017 until July 9, 2017.
  2. 4 starts at 1b, means he won't carry 1b elig into 2017
  3. And, off to TB, just got flipped for Smyly.
  4. Guess it would help to know how many keepers, league size/settings etc, normal info that helps us help you, but in a vacuum: Seems dirty is being highly underrated too, dirty is Sanchez, but both? This is a firm no from me. Good luck
  5. So basically, what these numbers say: 280+ ba,mid to high teens pop, with 25+ sb,s? he's basically an Odubel Herrera type circa 2016 season, but with a much better supporting cast in Hou. May have cut him too soon in my dynasty if this is who he might become, nice to see him getting the recognition he deserves.
  6. Paddack was also traded to San Diego - fwiw
  7. Hmmm, your only post in this thread, I sure missed you, thanks for the troll.
  8. Beltran to Hou on a 1yr deal. Most likely DH with the occasional start in RF. Could see another 30hr season, 80-90rbis with a 280ish ba in that park and lu. Probably the best place he could've landed a contract. edited to say, 30 may be a stretch, or homerism, at least for my dynasty team, but 25? I'll take it.
  9. Look above my post, bluejaysin2030 posted this: Only 415PA... But seriously. I still can't believe some people doubt him. The kid has wheels and power. What more do you want? Even if he hits .240, would you be upset when it comes with 10-15SB and 25+HRs? At SS? Damn. That's what I was replying to, he asked if anyone would be upset at these numbers, so I replied that Semien put up those numbers last season, man,m I knew someone would get their panties in a wad... I was quoting bluejaysin2030, he posted those numbers, and asked if anyone would be upset, my post about Semien was in reply. because Semien DID put up those numbers. sheesh, reading 101,
  10. Before anyone gets their panties in a wad, I am NOT saying he's Semien, but these numbers are, Semien went 238, 27 and 10, would you really be happy if Story does this?
  11. How is your team built? Contender or project? Team Weakness? OF construct? Identify where you want to upgrade first, then you can identify who to target, it's hard to give you names if we don't know where you need help. Either way, his value coming off his worst season isn't what it could be, so the prudent play may be to hold and see, name value alone might net something of value, but he's been trending down on the SB's, which puts him back in the field as far as OF'ers go. Put his name out there, let the league know he's available, see how the rest value him in your league, but again, without knowing where you need upgrades, pulling names out of thin air won't be of help to you. Help us help you.
  12. When I first saw this thread, it put a smile on my face, I thought, FINALLY, a platform for us dynasty owners, where we won't have to sift through the keeper/redraft posts, looking for player information, from a dynasty perspective, alas, then I saw it included all keeper leagues, my fear here is that we're going to morph into keeper/redraft talks with round values, cost escalations and everything else associated with keeper leagues, that us dynasty owners, that keep entire rosters, have no use for. Oh well, just another thread.
  13. Forgot to include my league and settings: Full dynasty, keep all: 12 team, 27 man roster, 4 dl slots. Daily. h2h, 7x7, BA,H,R,RBI,HR,SB, ops, and, W, whip, era, QS, holds, S, K. 4 moves per week 20 prospect milb rosters, as well as all off season transactions held on proboards. We have a 5 round,1st year prospect draft held in September, to insure all elig draftees are signed, international players, 16year olds included, our 1 flaw is all other international players 17 and older are FA's, free to be added at anytime. CBA changes could force us to make a change here, but it'd be for the good, imo. Other than that, all FA's can be added during the off season, be they ML, milb or international players signed and 17 or older, again, hate this, as it serves only a few in our league, but seeing the attrition rate even with international players, it's not that big a deal with a few exceptions. Picks and spects can be traded and often are. This will be our 5th season together, with 9 original owners, good group of owners, we vote on any changes, in season to be implemented at the start of the next season, or during the off-season, we have no in-season changes.
  14. There needs to be clarity on distinguishing between "keeper leagues" and "dynasty leagues" while posting here in the dynasty thread: for me, dynasty = keep everyone, no draft for your ML team, farm teams, or minor rosters, ( same thing, simply for clarity), are normally part of dynasty leagues, so the hope is, we can discuss prospects here as well, seeing as this is a dynasty thread. If you don't keep your entire roster, it's not a dynasty, that's a keeper league. Settings need to be clear and concise, if you implement a cap, be it ip, starts, abs, or whatever, make it clear that your league settings supersede the hosting sites lack of software to enforce your caps, make your cap a HARD cap, your rules and setting are the end all be all period, (you know there will be that person that tries to exploit loopholes in the hosting sites software). Whatever your settings are, make sure everyone agrees and is on board with them, be it a 5x5, 6x6, etc, if your league is full of die-hard, baseball fiends, and they all want, say 9x9? as long as everyone is on board and happy, do what works, if they're casual fans, friends and family types, the simpler, the better. Dynasty leagues can be a great experience, or they can be a nightmare, all depends on owners and rules/settings.
  15. I'm going to piggyback on FouLLine a bit, been trying to draft this sentiment, but couldn't articulate it as such. First , I try to assemble my milb roster to coincide when I'll need a replacement on my ml roster. Secondly, I won't hesitate at a chance to flip my prospects for ML talent, For reference, my OF consists of Trout, Springer and JD, no real "need" for a replacement for a few more years, health permitting, so I roster guys a few years away: Soto, ( thanks to this forum for bringing his name to my attention), Rincon, Lazershow, they afford me the opportunity to watch them develop and assess their future before a need arises, if they flame out, I have ample time to adjust. I take this same approach with every position, more examples, but I won't list them. Now a second part example: Fawkes, I'm sure you'll like this one: Mid-season I traded for Bogaerts, had J Mateo on my farm, the trade made Mateo expendable for the right deal, a team rebuilding needing a SS came asking about Mateo, flipped him for Renfroe, (he was happy with his OF, both ml and milb)who was later flipped in a package that included Glasnow for Bumgarner to shore up my rotation. every league has that one prospect hoarder, my favorite trade partner. Many viable approaches, but this works for me.