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  1. Spring Training: Hey, let's implement a pitch clock to speed up the game so as not to lose the interest of the younger crowd...., let's put a runner on 2b in extras like they do in softball to speed up the game so as not to lose the interest of the younger crowd........let's limit the number of mound visits to speed up the game, so as not to lose the interest of the younger crowd,.......all under the guise of capturing the interest of the hand held device generation who'd rather post selfies outside the ballpark to show they were there, but not actually go watch because it's tooooo they try the juiced ball approach instead, How did that speed up the game? How did it affect attendance/ It didn't, attendance is down for the 4th consecutive year, 1.3%, however, revenues went up due to ticket price increases, why is this important? It may impact other proposed changes, as well as those tried in the minors this season...Haven't see the data on those milb trials, but how many people want to see an ml game morph into a softball game in extra innings? Don't get me wrong, kids love the long ball, so do us old folk, but when it affects the game in the manner that it did, it's not good for the game as a whole. Can't wait to see what comes next, stay tuned....... BEST PRANK EVER MLB!! smh.... on topic, how do you all feel about the ball change? Is it good for the longevity of the game?
  2. looked decent in his return: 13 of 21 pitches for strikes, 1 ht, 2 k's 2 fo, 2 go..I didn't get a reading on his velo though..
  3. Been holding Vlad since Aug 17th, 2015 in a dynasty...All he cost me was an Aaron Sanchez call up to replace a throw in player in a 2 for 1 deal, I'm still licking my wounds from being fleeced there (crossed-eyed emojii), can't imagine wasting a top 7 round pick in a start up dynasty much less a top 5 pick..sheesh, guys that know scouts are the toughest in determining a prospects long term value after only 1/2 a season as a 20 yr old here, huh? I gotta spend less time reading this drivel, it'll turn your mind into mush
  4. Perhaps because Nick was only filling in while Neris was serving his 3 game suspension? he's back now, so Nick should return to his normal role.
  5. Lowe is 3-17 vs lhp in his short ml career..sss and all, it is what they do, platoons I mean....I get that 2 of the 3 were bombs, but 7 k's? Like it or not, it's what we've had to deal with for a looong time in fbb...he's young and talented enough to establish himself as a full time player, but he is still a rook, with no experience, sit back,take a puff and relax, now is not that time...
  6. And, time to look into it further....
  7. Nice to see him back, but I'd still like to know what the reason was for his most recent trip to the IL.....
  8. I wouldn't look too far into it as I believe Caratini is Yu's personal catcher? could be mistaken though....
  9. Muller needs to gain command of his stuff, 57 bbs in 95ip isn't going to cut it as a starter in the majors. The k's are nice, K9+, as is the ba against, .211, but those bb's..he's a flyball pitcher too, if that matters to some, I personally moved on in 1 of my dynasty's due to the command issues, as well as how deep that farm system is with potent arms.. Might regret it down the road, but after a few moves, I settled on Tarik Skubal over Muller...time will tell, but if Muller doesn't harness his stuff, could see him in a Haderesq type of role.... Brett Conine, P hou, is putting in some good work in in the Carolina league. A little old for the level,22, but he was a 2018 draftee out of Cal St Fullerton. Deeeeep dynasty's take notice, he could be good if his secondaries continue to develop....
  10. No 2 start week, they just switched him and Nola, Slick Nick goes Wednesday now with Nola going tomorrow, tuesday per rotoworld.......
  11. It's a fluid situation with these young arms, they are going to monitor workloads on multiple sp's this season so it makes sense to shuffle the rotation ala LAD(minus the phantom il's with their sp's), so we will see some getting skipped or shortened starts, maybe see one or two go the opener route a turn or two, or even a 6 man during the dog dazes of summer in that effort.... this really isn't the season to rely on their young arms going deep into the season and IP's due to that potential. 2020? I'm all in with that rotation..redraft leagues need to prepare for the inevitable... so dynasty/deep keepers will benefit the most stashing Lament,Strahm and Paddock....just my opinion...
  12. So what does this do for the goal of shortening game times? I mean, they're implementing a pitch clock, limiting mound visits, as well as making rp's face a set number of hitters before they can be relieved? And they change the ball so as to create more offense? wat?
  13. The fastball last night looked straight as an arrow, didn't see any movement on it at all. I don't remember it being that flat before, wonder if there's a mechanical issue that can be easily fixed(my dynasty hopes anyway).....well, that and his secondary's needing honing..seems more of a 2020 play......come back strong kid..
  14. I guess I see it more of a pitch selection/recognition issue, not a swing issue. He's chasing pitchers' pitches out of the zone, which I have to admit IS impacting his swing, but to me that's not a swing thing, it's more an eye thing. I mean, chasing off speed stuff fading out of the zone and low, you're not going to be able to use that launch angle to get the ball in the air. He'll need to work more with his pops for that, and that'll take time. When he does settle the butterflies, I'm sure we'll see what others saw down on the farm, fingers' crossed as I passed on some good deals for him in my dynasty..
  15. Well damn, saw all the new posts and thought there was some more news on Tyler Ivey, nope, just talking about team development and who's better at it....and while it's a great topic for conversation, it's one that would be better served in the appropriate thread, just not in a specific players thread(you know, since you did go off topic and all) or in a pm chat...again, it is a worthy discussion, very interesting, but you veered off of Tyler Ivey a while ago...and yup, I admit mine isn't about him in the first section, but someone did ask for you guys to take it to pm earlier(which was removed, and mine will be too) and that was ignored as well. I guess some need to be asked multiple times? thanks gentlemen.... Someone mentioned Tyler's violent delivery, and the potential reminds me a little of Mad Max with the head movement and arm whip, which he obviously overcame. Time will tell on Tyler, but it's working now, and he is in good hands as far as his development goes. Love owning him in a dynasty and look forward to the finished product.