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  1. What I saw was he looked great with the bases empty and him pitching in the wind up, but with runners on and him in the stretch, that's where the troubles began. Seemed to be a timing issue? He was missing his spots, and not close with most. He has the stuff, just needs work from the stretch.
  2. exceeding a league rule of a set ip limit due to hosting sites inability to enforce your league's ip limit rule is a loophole, this isn't.
  3. His "drug" of choice was weed, which is now legal in some states, not coke, and dude has 10 mil in the bank, maybe he owes the Bud and the rest of the organization an apology for banking 10 mil and not giving back any production for that money.
  4. Do a few 10team mock drafts, say 5-10 of them to get a variance since everyone drafts differently, take note of who is available at every pick you currently have without the trade as well as the picks you'd have if you did follow through with the trade, then ask yourself which team you prefer, then make your decision. Assess your settings too, you want to draft according to those. Best advise I can give Good luck
  5. I was answering the question directly above my post, Paxton
  6. The gun I saw on him had him sitting comfortable between 94 and 96, saw a 95 against the last batter he faced.
  7. Hey Bossman, how's things in the great white north? Haven't talked with you in about a year, good to see you.

    To answer your first question, no, not the most stacked team, I'd take my dynasty team over yours any day:


    Question #2:

    Do you have any idea on the SP's that will be tossed into the pool? and what the other teams are likely to throw back as far as bats go? That'd help is deciding on who to keep here, could you realistically get Verlander back if you threw him into the pool?

    In a vacuum, Sanchez and Bregman are the 2 I'd keep, especially with how deep SP is these days, lots of good/great arms out there, both known and the sleepers.

    Good luck.

    1. bigbossman


      Yo Fish!  Yeah long time, hope you've been having a great offseason....nice team you are sporting there...the great white north is....WHITE!  we just got hit with the biggest snowfall of the season...but nothing compared to what New York state is seeing...


      It's hard to know for sure who will be tossed back in...I do think with my 4th overall pick in the draft that I can nab a solid starter...maybe verlander again if I don't deal him for an upgraded pick...I'd say in general teams will keep most decent starters...I'll be looking at maybe being able to get a SP1 with the early pick, but most likely getting a SP2 and a few SP3s in the early rounds...


      Thanks for your insight as usual, looking forward to another season sharing commentary!

    2. FISH ON

      FISH ON

      Sorry to hear about the weather, but ya gotta expect it living where snow is prevalent, no? lol, sunny 82 here in California.

      Don't you hate it when you ask a question only to receive posts that tell you your leagues sucks? Or that your league-mates are a bunch of news? Never do they give credit for shrewd trades or patience while working the wire, or even for your efforts with prospects? Main reason I don't ask these boards for much. Congrats for all your hard work.

      I took over this team at the start of 2013, was a cellar dweller, WW ads, and some savvy trading, as well as depleting my farm.

      I think that's the right path for your keepers, you seem to have a plan in place, remember to bob when they weave.


      Good luck

  8. My bad, had a few things going on at the same time I was posting. Thanks for going easy on me for my blunder, it happens. 3ip 1h 7k's, but the gist remains, he's trying to show management that they can save the rest of their farm system, there's no need to pursue an outside source for a closer, they already have 2 viable options in-house.
  9. Koda Glover making some noise, k'ed the side again today. 7ip, 1 h, 7 k's so far. Great stash in dynasty leagues where you can put him on our milb rosters and hope the whispers of him potentially closing by the asb, or even next season, and for those of you in redrafts, a name to monitor.
  10. Don't know league size or settings, but Love Vlad jr, Adames and Puk in dynasty leagues, I pass on this. FYI, seeing Lawrie as your 2b, he was released by the white sox today
  11. Melvin loves to play matchups with his bats, Healy is said to be the DH with right handers on the mound, with the plan of a platoon with Alonzo against lefties at 1b, and will get time at 3b when Trevor needs day(s) off, he should get 500+ abs hitting 4th or 5th.
  12. First question, is this a redraft, keeper or dynasty league? Secondly, How many teams? Thirdly, What are HIS needs? (That, perhaps, is the most important question.) It's not a matter of what you'll give, it's what it'll take, and given the hype he's receiving, there's no way any knowledgeable manager will give him up for what you're offering. The main issue I see in these multiple player deals that are odd numbered is that the team receiving more players than they're giving is this: they have to drop other players to accommodate the extra players coming his way, thus making those deals more than just the players in the offer.. Look at the other team first and ask yourself this question: who should I add that would be enough of an upgrade with the extra piece(s) for manager X to part with a highly hyped, high upside arm that I really want? Too often I receive offers that do not make my team better, the ones where I give 1 or 2 and receive 2 or 3 forcing me to drop a player or 2 that I liked enough to roster, but the return makes my team worse, not better, and when I decline the offer, the other guy gets butthurt because of my reason for declining. I tell everyone, if I'm going to make any trades, they have to improve my team too, not just yours. trade rule #1: quantity does not equal quality trade rule #2: unless they're a noob or rook, improving his team is paramount to striking a deal. ps: as a Paxton owner in a dynasty, an offer like this would put you on my do not trade with list unless I'm taking you to the cleaners pss: if this is a redraft of 14 teams or more,and he drafted badly, and the wire is bare, it might be an acceptable offer, if not? Not trying to be abrasive here, just sharing a different view with suggestions. Good luck
  13. As a teenager during the amazing A's run in the early 70's, as a lefty, Ken Holtzman and Vida Blue where who I tried to emulate, , as a 10-16 yr old, had a nasty give up curve, along with a sinking curve, screwball, even a Mussina knuckle curve. Then at age 16 was throwing 92ish, had a scholarship until I blew out my elbow just before I turned 17, needless to say, I had to follow a different path as my elbow was destroyed and in '77 they weren't performing tj on hs kids. anyway, nice piece, great thread
  14. I'm not so sure about this inning caps at an early age being fully responsible for future arm issues, I believe the root of the issue is the type of pitches these kids are throwing at too early an age, way before their bodies are fully developed. They're putting too much torque on elbow/shoulder ligaments with the curves/sliders, knuckleballs. Think back to when you were a kid growing up, we played baseball EVERY DAY, for hours upon hours as well as little league. Our arms were well worked, but we were throwing everything from curves, sliders, screwballs, knuckle-curves, sinking curves, everything we could do to make the ball dance like a whiffle ball, everything that is detrimental to our still not fully developed arm and shoulder ligaments. As a coach, I stressed the importance of allowing arms to develop before incorporating curves/sliders and everything not a fastball/change up related. I taught kids finger position and pressure while throwing fastballs to get movement without the torque on the elbow or extra strain on the shoulder that's involved by throwing curves/sliders. Sound mechanics are intrinsic to a healthy career, but never underestimate the damage done at an early age while trying to do more than the body can handle. I ran into a lot of resistance in this approach, especially from the older kids who had been throwing those type of pitches for a few years, but their long term health was my objective. Just one mans opinion/experience
  15. Holder, Jared Miller, Chargios