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  1. stupid new format......anyway, winds are blowing out to cf today, game time forecast suggests they may be 21-25mph by game time..just a heads up
  2. Something to monitor about Germans potential starts this coming week, the dreaded openers:..
  3. Franmil kills leftys so this is kinda expected, and tomorrow they face Holland, another lefty.. Let's see how the l/u looks vs a righty....I kinda expect to see him sitting for Renfroe, but we'll see..lots of mouths to feed, so things might not settle for a minute..
  4. There's a huge difference between "sending someone down", and "reassigning" them during spring training, Eloy was reassigned, not sent down....
  5. My bad, yes, free league with minors kept on proboards. Here is the milb roster:
  6. 7th season about to start and we lost a long time founding member, in search of 1 dedicated owner in it for the long haul: leave inquiries here Thanks.
  7. Keep in mind that Romo did "open" 5 games, so in formats where 5 starts garner SP elig, his value, even on the Marlins, has to be higher than other formats that require more "opens" or starts.
  8. Moustakas is still waiting for the big 2 to sign, he's a decent fall back option at 3b...
  9. Any Oakland fan during the 70's can attest, best all time broadcaster has to be: Mr. Bill King....
  10. Biggest deal-breaker for me would be weekly instead of daily.....I'm definitely out if it's weekly.
  11. As a dynasty owner, I'll start to worry about the "chance" he loses 1b elig around September, until then, when healthy, he's a set and forget. I highly doubt that a healthy Abreu plays under 20 games at 1b in 2019, it's a loooong season...
  12. Yea, my bad, answered most of my questions once I re-read the title post,, Thanks
  13. Even better, minors? Would you consider a dynasty format? Not a make or break as I have 2 dynasty's now, 1 on fantrax, both h2h cats, so a points keeper would be a nice change..any idea of how many keepers? or a range of consideration?
  14. I'm interested, which site will host the league? I'm open to either draft type, prefer slow though
  15. Exploiting a website's inability to install software that enforces customs league rules and settings that have caps or limits is a blatant way of cheating, period. League rules and settings supersede hosting site's default settings, that's why they're called 'custom settings", when you set up a league, put in limits, those rules and settings are what you go by, it's not intended for someone to find the loophole so they can ignore the league settings, that's called cheating and it's not debatable. Otherwise, what's the whole purpose in making custom settings with caps or limits? The settings and rules do not say that it is ok to go over the cap/limit on the last day if you are under the cap/limit on the last day, I mean, how dumb do you have to be to sit there and say, well, the rules say I'm not supposed to go over the cap/limit, but since no one can enforce it, f-em, I'm going to cheat, that's exactly what you're doing, cheating and trying to justify it by saying it's the rule of the hosting site, f our settings and rules..... sucks that this is the the mindset of those of you that insists that it's ok to cheat, oops, I mean, operate within the , cough, cough, rules, and ignore the custom settings and rules put in place, and the fact that you guys will argue to the point of fisticuffs about it... and the best part? It's happening in FREE leagues!! Really must have a sad life if you have to find loopholes to cheat out a win in a free fantasy game.....rotoworld posters at their best
  16. I've been talking up a sub section for dynasty baseball since 2007 when I found, and then joined your community, So for you to tell me that I couldn't be further from the truth when I stated that there will never be enough compelling interest to even consider a dynasty platform, well, father time begs to differ with you about that statement. 11 years of futility, hell, I didn't even fight for 11 days to save my first marriage, but I've been asking here for 11 years........gotta say though, the last round table we had to discuss this had a mod that felt that I insulted him with something I posted about the mods not doing their jobs censoring some cussing, so the entire discussion went sideways due to his feelings being hurt, you sir, have been open minded( to a degree), well, maybe not really as your mind is set on this issue and.....enough with that, , but you haven't gotten personal like the last person did, so I thank you for that... I may have overstated the point about all dynasty talks being deleted, but you mods DO censor the dynasty talks more than the pissy back and forth childish bs that you let go on for far too long at times, those long, drawn out arguements about who's right and who' wrong, that stuff got old about 5-6 years ago when the boards went all crazy....I'll concede one point to you about my overstating that point, I was wrong, my bad...... And yes, referring to this as a basement subsection is correct, how else would you describe it? it's buried way down at the bottom of the index list, in the Off Topic subsection. Nowhere do you see: " Baseball, or Dynasty in the off topic section, unless someone is specifically looking for something in the off topic subsection, or was directed to go there for a specific thread, how would anyone even know what's there? With us discussing a topic like dynasty platforms, one would be think, if they want inclusion, that they'd have the topic discussed where everyone could actually find the thread, so that, you know, more people can be involved and have a discussion, but it does serve a purpose sending the topic to the off topic subsection, that is, if you don't want a healthy, open-minded discussion on the topic, you simply, bury it....alas, I get it, with the busy season, ( is there ever an off time? serious question) I understand that you're overwhelmed with your duties as moderators, monitoring the threads to ensure everyone obeys the posting rules, that it's a never ending task..... I really thought you'd like my illegal vs the republican reference, it kinda fits and is true, and, it was funny looks like it's time to abandon this sinking titanic and except the fact that the rotoworld forum ( I'd include the community, but there IS interest within) will not accommodate the dynasty folk with their own subsection and move on. You can rescind my posting privileges as my only posts will be about the desire for a dynasty platform and the lack of open mindedness regarding the topic.....thank you for your time
  17. There's never going to be compelling enough feedback for you to change your mind about this topic, it's evident by your replies to each point, and the fact that almost every time the dynasty talks start, they get deleted, add in that this entire discussion has been moved from the mainstream forum and basically, swept under the rug here in this basement subsection..... I get it that there are other issues the consider from the hosting site's side of things, but.. [Removed political commentary.] Thanks for this thread as a platform to at least speak our minds on the topic.....smh
  18. Already had a discussion with 2 mods and a few regular posters here in pm's about this. Final answer: Re drafters are the majority, end of discussion.
  19. This is something that happens all the time here at rotoworld, it would really benefit the forum community if you were to include a subsection designated for dynasty discussions. I mean, a strategy subsection thread isn't accommodating for that purpose, and as you can see, there is enough interest here for a dynasty section. I'm really at a loss at to why there is soo much resistance about this issue. You have a great forum that can get even better by including everyone.......The game is evolving, rotoworld can too....
  20. Nice tout, 6'5, 230 power hitting 1b prospect that was promoted to AA after hitting 304 at the launching pad known as Lancaster. Sported a doable 25% K rate, which is around his ave k rate, with an increase in his BB rate, up to 11% from his sub 9%. Now this is where it gets interesting,, I'll admit that I'm not a saber-metric guy but would like to hear what the community though was under the hood here. I know Lancaster is a launching pad, but his power numbers have followed him to AA, along with his ISO, went up to 472 while his k rate soared to 39+ %. I just got him along with Heliot Ramos for Caven Biggio in a dynasty. I'm certain my trade partner though my target was Heliot, but he'd be mistaken, having Gleyber, Hampson and Urias, I felt that Biggio was expendable and am trying to assess his long term value without crossing into bench coach territory....thanks.
  21. The bold pertains to about 95% of all discussions here, this site is geared towards redrafts, not so much dynasty leagues, been down that path here more times than I can count, you'd think they'd want everyone involved here 100%, but you'd be mistaken, it's too bad too, had a lengthy discussion with a few posters and mods about the redraft vs dynastys, asking for a subsection for dynasty talks, but the re-drafters won, they won't give us a platform here for strictly dynasty talks....there are some awesome posters in the milb sections that are an asset to this community, too bad this site won't expand and welcome dynasty talk, but alas, if we want to talk minor rosters, we have to go to the milb section, where we have to abide by their guidelines, no roster chat, have to go to the bench coach section, where we can't talk about ml players, have to go to that section for those talks....imagine if you will, a place where you can get all your questions answered in one place....a pipe dream around here, and yes, I expect this to be deleted soon as I'm criticizing things here, happens every time I talk dynasty...., you'll get a few helpful posts for dynasty issues here, but mostly redrafters want to argue about values in re drafts that have zero value to dynastys. deletion in 3, 2,1.....
  22. Hard to give you targets without knowing your settings and entire rosters, both ml and farm, (I'm assuming you have a farm team since you're a dynasty)....Edelman speaks wise words, have to echo a lot of what he posted...that said: Sometimes in leagues this deep, it's better to whether the storm than to panic and make hasty trades trying to keep your head above water, especially given your standings. If this were my team, and this team was sitting where it is standings wise, I'd try to ride it out. I mean, Stripling looks to have put something together, enough to be successful, and with an opportunity, small sample be damned.....,sometimes there's gold in them thar hills, I'd hold Ross to see if he's the real deal or fools gold......hard pass from me on Reddick, I understand that waiver wire diving is difficult in leagues this deep, it's more like, dumpster diving, but there can be hidden gems to be found, so I look there first if I have a need, and revert to look at making trades as a last resort.( but I have to admit that I can be rather difficult in trade negotiations), so you'll have to rely on your better judgement... Jiminez is expected to take the closer role, if/when Greene leaves, are you set with closers? Do you have holds? K9? knowing these are important for us to give advise about a Jiminez type deal, his value will only go up if/when he starts closing, no? Might want to wait and see how things shake out, (that's only if you're confident enough with where you are standings wise), as a closer, Jiminez would hold more value, but as a holds rm, not so much, you'd be selling him early in my opinion...but again, settings matter here......... Braun, I agree with Edelman, find something that gives you an upgrade or improvement any where you can, (STARTING PITCHING) that's where you need improvements, but like you mentioned, every other team is in the same boat. If you have to pair Braun with Jiminez to get what you need? I wouldn't think twice...... All in all, seeing the names floating here, I'd at least, explore the market for pitching, and try moving Braun for an arm. Hope this helped at least a little....good luck
  23. Keep in mind that during the 2014 season, they shuffled him back and forth between SS and 3b, as a 21 yr old rookie. He was basically learning how to play 3b at the ML level, a ton on his mind, much less hitting, It shouldn't be surprising that his numbers suffered during the 14 season. Once he settled in as the full time SS in '15, you could see he was confident and relaxed at the plate, and the numbers jumped close to, if not exceeding, early expectations, he was highly touted with power to come. In 16, he had another nice season, with the 21 hrs showing that he did have the pop. In 17 he was hampered with a wrist injury that he never seemed to get over. not enough to warrant a dl stint, but enough to impact his swing. There was discussions in his 17 thread about the lingering wrist issue, so here we are in 18 and he's healthy again, who do you really think he is? Me? something between '15 and '16, 290-310, 23+.. with counting stats lu spot dependent. Enjoy the ride, it's going to be a good one for a long time, health permitting...
  24. Had a lot of side movement on his FB last night. He's always had the mph, but in the past, if memory serves me, it was kinda flat. If this movement is here to stay, he could be fantasy relevant in shallower leagues, have to think ( or at least hope) that the K's will come. Too bad he's in the AL beast now......Nice lotto ticket, if he stays healthy, could be nice come playoff time, (yup, already thinking about potential stashes for the playoffs, snooze you lose). In any case, it was a nice showing.
  25. Waiting for his man-muscles to develop..