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  1. It was a clownish statement bro to wish they miss the playoffs because of the way the professional managers run their teams. I'm just tickled to see Dan pitching the way some of us hoped he'd pitch all season, playoffs be damned. I'd really like to see some consistency from him instead of the 2 faces of Straily we've seen all season. A good run here and there while putting up non QS most of the time.
  2. What? You hope the A's miss the playoffs now because the pen might blow a Straily win? Let me guess, you need the win from him right? As an A's fan, I now hope YOU miss the playoffs. But I digress Straily pitched a gem today, nice to see him back on track, for how long, we can only hope it lasts through the A's playoff push and beyond.
  3. LAA have 101 abs vs Straily, hitting .307, 5hrs. they kinda do own him
  4. Haters always gonna hate, but the kid is only 24 with lots of room to grow.
  5. Strait ly dealing tonight, 5ip, 1h 2k. Kid looks real good so far, and economical to boot
  6. All things considered, he managed to be not horrible tonight. Salvaged what could have been disastrous. 3rd inning lack of aggressive D did him in, otherwise we'd be praising his start..
  7. Funny how some players vary season to season. I watched most of his starts at home while he was with the River Cats and came away thinking he was going to be very, very good. This year, I couldn't even come in to defend him earlier when he was getting reamed a new one in here after giving up tater after tater. Alas, ...At least he's not giving up the long balls tonight.
  8. Reddick saved him from totally ruining our ratios with that throw. as is, I'd be happy with the line the way it is and escape without further destroying my confidence in him. Guess I need to reevaluate where I start him..home only? if need be.
  9. that post was about the 3rd inning, which was an accurate observation, I also stated he was not impressive., but as of now, he's laboring and looking like toast for tonight
  10. 1 well hit ball, Young probably should have caught the ball that plated the first 2 runs which would've ended the inning, but he slowed up and let it fall in for the hit. Not too impressed, but he should not be down 3-0, could easily be 0-0 with good D.
  11. The tweak to his mechanics are fairly new, late 2011 I believe, prior, he was nothing special. After making any mechanical adjustment, it's very easy to revert to what one did for soo many years when confidence is shaky or lost, so I'm not totally surprised to see him go back to what he's known for soo long. I don't rely on other peoples data when it comes to prospects, I spend a lot of time at the ball park watching them myself, and making my own evaluations. People see things differently in all aspects of life, such is the case when it comes to prospects, you either believe or you don't, and most of the time, you can't change someones mind when it's set. Results, over a period can, but that's the only way. The guns that I saw being used in Sacramento were scouts', not the stadium gun, so I tend to believe their results as I saw them with my own eyes. Bottom line is, we only have such a small sample to work from, time will tell, and as an avid A's fan for over 40 years, I only hope he returns to the pitcher I watched in Sacramento last year aand brings it to Oakland this year.
  12. Straily will not supplant either Griffin nor Parker based on performances. After last years valuable contributions from both of these SP's, they've earned long leashes. Peripherals are there for both of them, location, trust and execution seem to be their issues, and knowing the A's and their staff, they're working hard to correct them, as evident with Parkers results last night. Straily now has an opportunity to show one of 2 things with Andersons DL stint. Either he'll show he's ready or he won't. Whatever the outcome, it will be decided on the field, not in a forum. He has the tools and make up to succeed, but seems to lack a bit of confidence at the moment due to a few mistakes being hammered by a very formidable opponent in the Angels in his last turn. The mechanical adjustment they made prior to last season looks to me to have been shelved for some reason as seen with his results. I'm not a scout, but have seen him pitch a lot living just down the road from Sacramento. The starts I attended, he was sitting at 92-94 and touching 96 when needed. That's been missing so far this season for whatever reason. He doesn't seem to be hiding the ball either, giving the hitters a good look, as it seems he's not fooling anyone at the moment. After a long story that I meant to be short, injury or trade is the only way I see him making the rotation, and right now, he has that scenario, lets hope he makes the best of his opportunity. If he can regain the form he showed in Sacramento last year, he may just stick, at whose expense is the question, but I believe Anderson is the key here. His injury may just be more severe than thought, we'll know soon enough.
  13. Strike zone is about the size of a postcard tonight, at least for the A's pitchers. Even when Scribner came in, typical strikes were not being called strikes to Zobrist. Not an excuse, but he was getting more frustrated than anything by being squeezed.. A's home channel is right in line with HP, so no off set angle, bad umping to a degree. Still no mention of injury from the parent broadcasting crew.
  14. Thanks Jay, I hadn't realized how many games had already been served. That changes things a bit. ST is going to be very important for AJ and Straily as both are competing for the 5th spot. I don't think there's a clear cut favorite at this point, but it will be a shame for the one that loses out. As a fan, it's nice to see the depth, as an owner of AJ, I'm a little concerned I traded for a pitcher possibly earmarked in a QS league as a long reliever,or worse yet, headed to Sacramento. I'll be keeping a close eye on this situation but will be getting all my information from blogs and ST reports,as will most of us, no first hand knowledge. Bummer.
  15. Since Colon is in the midst of a suspension, both AJ and Straily should begin the season in the rotation. After Colon returns, I'm guessing it'll come down to who has earned the 5th spot based on performance. AJ had a very nice rookie season in the bigs, and Straily was highly touted due to his massive k rate in the minors.. Both are young and talented and IMHO, both should be starting for the A's all season, but we know that probably won't be the case. 1 will be left out, but who, is the question. I don't think management even knows at this point, but either way, I don't think it really matters, except to those of us who own them in fantasy, as they'll be an asset to the team.
  16. As a side note, Michael Choice might be one of the reasons the A's decided to keep Anderson rather than trade him for Myers, he's a promising prospect. As is the recently drafted Russell, he's also projected to play an OF spot rather than stick at ss/3b.
  17. As a side note, Michael Choice might be one of the reasons the A's decided to keep Anderson rather than trade him for Myers, he's a promising prospect. The recently drafted Russell is also projected to play an OF spot rather than stick at 3b.
  18. I was totally shocked to hear the A's passed up trading him for Myers given his health issues. With the vast depth the A's have on the farm for SP's, the potential impact bat in Myers would have been worth the risk to me. Straily is ready to step in now, with Parker, Milone and AJ Griffin already having proven themselves as good starters, and Gray in Sacramento developing along with Peacock, that potential impact bat is much more needed than Andersons arm, IMHO. Perhaps the A's are going to hope he proves himself finally healthy, and perhaps trade him at the deadline, but at the young age of 24, they'll have a solid core of young arms for many years if he proves healthy and they decide to keep him. Having watched his rehab starts, I'm not totally sold that he's who they think he was, but then again, I don't get paid by the A's to evaluate their talent,.... With their rotation and BP, 2 impact bats might help them keep pace with the Angels and Rangers, and I truly feel Myers could have been one of those bats, but alas, as of now, we'll never know about him. I hope Brett proves us doubters wrong, Time will tell, but as A's fans, the outlook is bright no matter how you look at it. Personally, I won't be drafting him unless I can grab him very late as an end of rotation filler. But I will root for his return and success.
  19. Heres a link showing his minor league stats.