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  1. Joey Lucchesi 2018 Outlook

    looks like things fell apart in the 4th. sounds like based on people saying on twitter that he made mistakes, with an error and in pitching.
  2. Delino DeShields 2018 Outlook

    reminder that the Dodgers traded Pedro Martinez to Montreal for DeShields.
  3. Mar/April Closer Thread 2018

    tie game with Philadelphia, hunter pitched the 8th and Arano pitched the 9th.
  4. Luis Castillo 2018 Outlook

    I don't know his numbers for this game but looking at his fangraphs page for prior to today's start.. 8.34 K/9. last year 9.87 K/9. 2.78 BB/9. last year 3.22 BB/9. 51.3 LOB%. this is very low. 4th lowest for all qualified SP. last year he had 80.1 LOB%.
  5. Tyler O'Neill 2018 Outlook

    both Pham and Ozuna are out of the lineup today, and O'Neill is getting a start. Tyler O'Neil is getting a start. today's pitcher for the Reds is Luis Castillo.
  6. Evan Gattis 2018 Outlook

    I thought Gattis was going to be one of the better rated catchers this season, C eligible playing full time as the DH. but he has sucked! I imagine this has to be concerning. the Astros don't need to keep playing Gattis at DH when they have other options.
  7. Mar/April Closer Thread 2018

    I don't know if this was dropped here or not..
  8. Gleyber Torres 2018 Outlook

    if he matches expectations what are we looking at rest of season?
  9. Tyler O'Neill 2018 Outlook

    can't get a start when Pham is out with an injury as Bader gets the start again. what was the point of even calling this guy up from the monster year he was having in the minors!? now soon he is going to go back down and be ice cold, good job Cardinals.
  10. Teoscar Hernandez 2018 Outlook

    I don't remember the number, but TH has multiple balls hit that are up there with the hardest hit in baseball this season. small sample size, but he has 61.1 hard hit%. there is no reason he isn't in the lineup on a regular basis.
  11. Franchy Cordero 2018 Outlook

    Myers was activate tonight, and Margot is eligible to return tomorrow. with Pirela also in the OF I imagine this would be the end of regular playing time for Cordero.
  12. Tyler O'Neill 2018 Outlook

    tonight's lineup is an example of BS. Pham is back in the lineup which is what was expected, but Dexter Fowler is not in the lineup and Bader is playing again. right now what is the point of having O'Neill with the Cardinals. this was a perfect example of giving Fowler a night off and giving O'Neill a chance to start after Bader just started yesterday. if you grabbed O'Neill in a deep league you might as well drop him for someone who is actually going to play.
  13. Lourdes Gurriel 2018 Outlook

    why was the AVG so terrible in 2017? I thought maybe high K's, but he had 18.8% in A+ and 16.2% in AA. https://www.fangraphs.com/statss.aspx?playerid=sa908697&position=2B he was hitting .347 in AA (with .381 BABIP) along with 1 SB and 1 HR. he doesn't seem to have much speed and not much power. is he seen as a top prospect expected to be a starter or more of a future depth utility player?