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  1. One more year and we will know if he's a post-hype guy or JAG.
  2. CP3 wants one more entry into this club... and Dipo might get you 2/3 of a season of 5 and 2. Just to be a pedant.
  3. He's going from 32-33 min to 30. I think what is happening with basketball and playing time per game is similar to what started ten years ago in NFL with running backs. The love is getting spread around a lot more. I think this mitigates somewhat the effect of lost playing time... because most other players are losing playing time. Just look at the MPG leaders 10-20 yrs ago compared to today. TL:DR lots of people losing playing time, don't sweat Otto.
  4. My main hoops league typically has the previous season's winners drafting last. I've won that league countless times, and can assure you, it's pretty awesome drafting from the hook (last pick, first round). In fact, I generally prefer to draft from 11 or 12 in a 12 teamer than get a middle of the round pick. It simplifies your decision making, where you're not going to let a guy you want go because he surely won't come back to you, whereas drafting from the middle that's a bigger temptation. You need to have a good eye for when to draft injured players/load management guys like Leonard, PG13, Kyrie, etc. You can often start position or category runs by taking two guys of the same archetype. There is no doubt that you need to recoup some of the value lost from drafting outside of the "top tier of the top tier" but if you're diligent and prepared, it's definitely feasible.
  5. My immediate thought on seeing his new contract was that he now loses all tiebreakers with players I was considering drafting him over. In my case, that's basically a drop of 2-3 spots.
  6. Congrats on the budding bromance, gentlemen
  7. Bingo, hard to know if either will be more than marginally start-worthy. It was this realization that dealt a crippling blow to my mancrush on JA. At that point in the draft, you're choosing between higher-upside rookies, role players who fill out category needs, and guys who you're not sure get enough PT to draft as a solid starter, so year this is about right (90-105 or so overall).
  8. Melli has looked good, and could fit well into the NOP rotation. However, top sleeper is a little much to anoint him with. Maybe he is a solid rotation guy and can fill out categories late like a mini-swiss army knife, but a top sleeper is someone like Siakam from last year, who was a mid round guy who completely blew the doors off projections and made himself into an unquestioned early round guy.
  9. Struggling mightily to find confidence in where he'll go in my draft. Could see him in early 40s to late 70s. Hard to draft this guy in the right round, but would love to land him.
  10. That endgame is next level. Nice 7 player, $15 haul. No surprise, your roster is littered with guys I'm targeting in my own roto league.
  11. I'm a huge Allen fan, but not sure where he is getting much better stats than last year. It might happen if DAJ and Allen are both on the floor at times, and Prince slides over to the 3. Otherwise DAJ is getting his 27-29 minutes easily, leaving less than enough for Allen at the 5 for the value we seek. Just not sure in today's NBA if we will see a lot of those two bigs playing together. If Prince starts hot, he could be the bigger problem capping Allen's upside than DAJ - we know what to expect there.
  12. With his track record, if you don't mind drafting high-variance guys, and need popcorn stats with treys, he's a great pick after the top 80. Hard to project the impact of so much added talent... how much of the time will Kawhi or PG be on court with Lou? Does he still get that major spark plug role? He's defies us before, as mentioned above.
  13. Spurs depth chart just screams backcourt squeeze, so while Gay gets run backing up DD, any time they go small ball, Gay is likely to suffer. As is often the case, lots of support guys to feed in San Antone.
  14. With guys like Fultz, who were much-balleyhood earlier but crashed and burned for a while... it's often a good idea to jack them up higher in your rankings for snake drafts than you would really want them. I do this just to get me thinking about their place in the draft queue before the time comes to draft him. When you get to the end game, often your last 3-4 picks are pretty obvious choices from like 6-8 guys because personal preference takes over. When there isn't a clear choice in the end game you take a chance on someone like Fultz. Classic post-hype approach. That said, I expect him to stink again and you always have to look at who is ahead of him. He'll need to make hay at PG as I don't see him leaping Fournier/Ross. But you've got to think Orlando wants to give him a decent trial in-season.
  15. Grant looks like a player who is worth a bench spot in a 10 teamer. But a lot of it is league or format dependent. Above folks mentioned H2H punt builds. He is one of those classic efficient glue guys, has holes in AST and FT, but can round out your roster in most other categories. His efficiency usually correlates with IQ, talent, or both, and I'm always drawn to those guys more than most GMs.