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  1. He jacked one off the Sawks today. This is about all I can take before someone else might capture any upside this guy might offer. Marginal but probably FAABing this guy tonight.
  2. EpicSaleBlog (Sawks fan heeyah)
  3. FYP, unless you prefer to not take advantage of value when it slides.
  4. RW now calling him the odds-on favorite to start in RF.
  5. Yes, like Grichuk for late power. Love Franmil, but abundant starts is no sure thing. My gut says buy, but my brain wants me to be a skeptic. Most def like Lourdes as a late near-free play.
  6. I'm in a 12 team keeper league, 9-cat roto. Had a feeling about Donovan Mitchell last year. We can keep players one round earlier than they were drafted in the prior year, and can keep them twice. I took Mitchell aggressively in the 12th (and Kuzma in the 14th) knowing my wish list was filled with the best sleepers of any manager in our league. I gave him up for the wire three or four games in as he was sucking. Another manager scooped him up, but then dropped him on the day Donovan announced (later that day) that he was going to be the beast he is. I had #1 waiver so I luckily got him back. This year, that same manager scooped Mitchell Robinson off the wire. He predictably dropped him in early November. I waivered this OTHER Mitchell and he's been starting for 6-7 weeks after riding pine for the first 2+ months. So now, thanks to ONE manager, I got two Mitchells for free. Welcome To MitchillTown. Next year I get D Mitchell in the 10th and Mitchell R in the 16th.
  7. Bridges is the kind of guy I am willing to bury on my bench for ROS if I can even play him confidently for five more games. Even if he's benched ROS without playing for my team, I might not cut him. This is because I don't want to risk his sneaky awesome production across the board to end up on another 9-cat roto team in my league. His sneaky good production (He almost cracked top 50 on the season in 9-cat roto) reminds me of the Matt Barnes, Grant Hill type who post unsexy numbers that help gel your team's overall production. This does not need to be done in most leagues, but if yours has 3-4 other GMs who scour the wire and occasionally steal gems from under your nose, Bridges is the kind of guy you might want to keep until there's a compelling PLAYABLE wire replacement.
  8. Agree almost entirely. I make a special exception for Fangraphs, and have a recurring $20 annual subscription there, just to support them, thank them for their work, and hopefully to help ensure they'll be around this time next year. It's not much to give them $20 a year. They do such good work, the stats are amazing.
  9. My team is deep, if yours is too why start him right away? He'll be capped, so if it's 15 or 20 it still limits his value. Deangelo is balling out of his mind this year and I don't know if we can fairly expect anything within two rounds of the value Caris was posting per game before the injury.
  10. If you don't need steals, I think Butler is a pretty good sell-high guy if you have league mates who are pretty high on him (willing to pay top 30-35). I love Butler's fantasy game but this just is a tough year for him situationally.
  11. If this guy is last man on your bench and you have daily transactions, congrats on the likely big night tonight. Also, why not just hold unless there is an obviously superior immediate add? Let's see what he can do, leave him on bench. If there's an obviously better player he should be on your squad already, if not just let this breathe until there is a compelling add. This is the point in the season where the wire outside of leagues with <150 rostered players gets pretty lean.
  12. If I was gay I would definitely marry Gallo. Be still my beating heart!
  13. This guy is the tease of the year for me, so far. Mitch Robinson had been gunning for that mantle except he's in a boot.
  14. Plus George's 8.2 RPG is just filthy. At this point Russ has had long enough to get his crazy train of trip dubs rolling, and it just isn't happening (amazing I can say that when he has nine of them). Unless Russ goes totally nutso, I think we are in for George's best regular season ever this year. *knocks on wood*
  15. Agreed, in daily roto or as a DFS punt play he could be good, but only from game to game.