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  1. Julio does the heavy lifting getting the team down field and never gets the reward that's gotta be frustrating
  2. Giants are lucky the Ravens aren't on the schedule this year or else that sack record could be in jeopardy
  3. I agree with this, unfortunately hasnt been any better and Dallas is a run first offense...Gruden now has 3 number 1 picks in the next draft, the Raiders pick will be top 5 maybe and Cowboys pick top 10-12 maybe and the Bears pick should be late...Carr is gone.
  4. I agree with you....but if people think this saves Copper it doesnt, he leaves one dysfunctional situation for another one. There is zero reason why Jason Garrett should have a job he is a terrible coach that squandered the Cowboys super bowl window...If Garrett is gone end of season Amari has a chance next year.
  5. Actually Carr's average per pass is greater than Dak...Try again.
  6. Dak isnt much better and the Cowboys play calling is even worse than Oaklands, the Cowboys run the most vanilla offense in the league...And the Raiders throw the ball more than Dallas...