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  1. Rotoworld Blurb Mistake/Argument Thread

    "We suspect Vick and his still-dazzling legs will be under center against the Chiefs in Week 9." On the same note they also have a list of players that must be praised at every opportunity and Vick is at the top of that list. The only rationale explanation for their love of Vick must be that the Rotoworld staff hates dogs. Nothing else makes sense.
  2. Rotoworld Blurb Mistake/Argument Thread

    Rotoworld has irrationally hated on Bradshaw for years going back to the Giants. It's one thing to worry about his injury history, but they bash him even when he's healthy. It's like mandatory training when they bring in someone to write the blurbs they give them a list of players to hate and Bradshaw is right at the top.