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  1. ******** injuries.... literally 6 of my 8 keepers have been or are currently injured. Stanton, donaldson, marte, rendon, pollock and soto... just got andujar back although im sure that wont last long. This year has been horrible to say the least.....
  2. 10 Team 8 player keep forever league. Need to keep 8 out of this lot of players. Couple of them i know are locks already. Realmuto Gordon Rendon(lock) Donaldson Stanton(lock) Branley Marte(lock) Soto (lock) Pollock Hader Syndergaard(lock) Strasburg Glasnow Any help and input would be much appreciated. Feel free to leave link for help in return
  3. I forgot to mention in original post that i have bogaerts and donaldson on d.l currently and it is a keep forever, mo penalty keeper league. No restrictions
  4. 10 team keeper league where we keep 8 plus an n/a guy. Didnt reallt draft any pitching and paying for it now. Anither owner has offered his degrom for my vlad guerrero jr. Very tempted to bite but on the fence. Team is as follows C- realmuto 1st- j. Martinez 2nd- gordon Ss- simmons 3rd- rendon Of- stanton, pollock, marte, mccutchen If- h. Ramirez Util- branley N/a- vlad jr Sp- mccullers, bundy, folty, junis, Flaherty and reynaldo lopez.