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  2. 10 team keeper league where we keep 8 every year. Was recently offered my taijuan walker and josh bell for his dee gordon. Need more speed and runs, thinking about pulling trigger, just need some input. Thoughts? My team is as follows Gattis. Vmart Bogaerts Donaldson Rendon Cutch Piscotty Pederson Eaton Story Dahl Pitchers: kluber,cole,cmart,pineda,bundy,taillon and maeda with walker on the d.l
  3. When you think about it havent the Rangers done this before???? Called up someone really really young when you think they are not ready ? granted he played ss right out of the gate but wasnt Andrus 19 or 20 when he was called up and they moved Young from ss for him, wouldnt it be ironic if Profar did the same thing to Andrus.