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  1. Kirk Cousins 2018 Outlook

    Who is Mack? [edit] oh, Khalil Mack of the Bears
  2. Kenyan Drake 2018 Outlook

    Exactly, I'd love to play in a league where RB20s are on the free agent list.
  3. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    I've been saying that for years on Rotoworld and getting killed for it. But that has nothing to do with my post. Belichick always takes smart gambles on bargain-basement players. That's his strength in the personnel department.
  4. Ryan Fitzpatrick 2018 Outlook

    Oh wow. Weird, considering how hot the offense has been under Monken.
  5. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    No, totally wrong. They gave up almost nothing for Gordon. This was vintage Belichick: seeing a bargain and grabbing it.
  6. Josh Adams 2018 Outlook

    Also, it's becoming clear that the Eagles offense is never going to kick into that extra gear they had last season
  7. Josh Adams 2018 Outlook

    nothing's changed
  8. Kenyan Drake 2018 Outlook

    In defense of Gore, he's definitely running better than he did the past 3 seasons at Indy. That was unexpected to say the least.
  9. Kenyan Drake 2018 Outlook

    Right, which is why they were winning. They're tanking and the best way to do that is to elevate the COP back Gore.
  10. Kenyan Drake 2018 Outlook

    Right, but Drake was the feature back last year and got more ypc than Gore. You're done here, go home.
  11. Kenyan Drake 2018 Outlook

    It's weird that his ypc is higher than the guy who "outplayed" and "outclassed" him.
  12. Kenyan Drake 2018 Outlook

  13. 2018 Vent & Rant Thread

    Got lucky and was gifted the #1 draft pick. Got unlucky and my team is 4-6 despite being between 1st and 3rd in points all season. Not quite yet eliminated from playoffs, but close.
  14. Trey Burton 2018 Outlook

    If your league stops transactions during the playoffs, you need 2 on your playoff roster because of injury. And with TE a wasteland, now is not the time to drop a decent TE like Rudolph, Njoku, Vance McDonald.
  15. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    The most criticism Bill Belichick has received in his entire coaching career was for benching Malcolm Butler. Do you think he wants to show everybody that wasn't a mistake by roasting him Sunday?