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  1. With AJ Bouye and Jalen Ramsey? 😂 😂 😂
  2. That's Byron Jones, PFF's #7 CB last season, who McLaurin was roasting over and over again. I really love the play where the bomb was thrown over the wrong shoulder, but he's able to turn the other way and knock it away from the defender. Uncanny.
  3. People need to stop using week to week consistency as the end all be all for a player. Every player's scoring is lumpy. Especially receiving. Especially tight ends.
  4. I owned him. You have your facts wrong. Sorry for your bitterness. He had 2 bad weeks before Trubisky got hurt. Not 6. Don't change the subject.
  5. FYI: Both of Jackson's bombs came out of the slot last week. But thinking about Trufant is missing the point. The matchup issue this week isn't about specific CBs. It's that Atlanta's defensive scheme takes away bombs and gives up a ton of underneath stuff. This has been true throughout the Dan Quinn era. On the other hand, DJax is no ordinary deep threat. I'm torn. I've had Djax in and out of my lineup this week and still haven't made a decision.
  6. Gordon is a lot more intelligent than Brown.
  7. Trey Burton was having an excellent season until Trubisky hurt his shoulder Week 11. He was a top 5 TE at that point.
  8. Jackson had only 10 pass attempts to WRs last week.
  9. PFF gave Hockenson the highest pass blocking grade for all NFL TEs in Week 1.
  10. But the question was: if you have two studs, what to do? Do you respect what the numbers tell you about the Bills defense?
  11. Even if he's a WR, it's a bad matchup. My alternative is Hockenson vs the Chargers without their stud safety.
  12. Paul Richardson is an excellent player. He just can't stay healthy.
  13. I'm strongly considering benching Engram this week. The Bills were the #1 TE defense in 2018, and the #1 QB defense. Nothing appears to have changed this year. With Shepherd and Tate out, the Bills can focus their coverage schemes on Engram. I don't want to get into AC territory, but I have another top 10 option that faces a much less imposing matchup.
  14. In 2017 as the defense improved over the course of the season, Brady's numbers dropped off because they reeled the offense in. They don't want him getting hurt. Brady owners better hope the defense isn't as good as it looked against the Steelers.