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  1. Lost out on Hogan, but now that Rudolph looks iffy I think I'll stick with Diggs. Thanks for the help!
  2. Lewis and Ajayi for me... Love Ajayis matchup.
  3. Nice lineup. I'd maybe consider Dion for Drake.
  4. Coleman and Dion. Enough targets for Coleman and Baltimore secondary is a mess. Pats RBs have been productive, keep riding the wave.
  5. Graham...DT has shown nothing and the QB situation is a mess.
  6. Brady based on the history, but think you'll be okay either way.
  7. Mariota Howard, Williams Green, Goodwin Davis
  8. I like Ajayi this week. He's been coming on and the matchup is great. Plus, gotta think Philly will run more with Foles playing.
  9. Ajayi and Goodwin. Seattle has a tough matchup and Davis is banged up.
  10. One of Stefon Diggs, Corey Coleman, or Chris Hogan (half point PPR). I've been riding Diggs but he's not getting it done. Hogan did nothing last week but he lit up Pitt last year in the playoffs.